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Festival Review: Jungle Love Music and Arts Festival Day 2 -28/11/2015

As the sun rises and kisses the tips of tents, hips of passed out jungle punters and lips of crumbled cans; Day 2 of Jungle Love dawns...

After a gigantuous day 1, early movement is minimal. One of the best things about being immersed in nature and camping is no need for an alarm, routinely and never late, the sun got you up and at-em soon enough, escaping from your furnace (tent), as you clutch for fresh air, water and a substantial brekkie (Shapes or Pringles).  It’s not long after waking that the parade of inflatable flamingos, swans, watermelon tubes, rafts and noodles begins down gravel roads, heading for the river to replenish, heading campers along the way. 

The Chai Tent, an ethereal, chill zone filled with pre-loved couches, rugs and a collection of curbside collection gems, was assembled on-point river side to provide not only shade, but house the creative workshops, Ruckus slam poetry, yoga and diverse tempos and rhythms of the psych-progressive, trance and experimental DJ sets.

Climbing heights to pendulate off the rope swing and a couple of cheeky waterside bevs, got us high and eager for the first set of the day, Baskervillain. The 4 piece Brissy lads brought classic Rock n' Roll to the fore front of the river, sending boogey vibes pulsating, complimented by absolute killer harmonica and guitar solos that resinate Led Zeppelin, they sent heads swinging and sweat beads flying as they annihilated their 40 minute set and cemented their power as rising Aussie rock n roll moguls too watch!

Baskervillain, Photo: Jack Doonar

After the dousing of rock, and floundering in the rivers for a sweat relief and cool down, it was time to witness the dawn of time and life, in the form of the Hip Hop, Jazz-groovers Astro Travellers. Deemed a highlight at Concrete Jungle the pre-party months prior, and if the roars and gleaming faces wasn’t a dead giveaway, these favoured sound scape artists dazzled the crowd, with the gorgeous lead singer oozing Erykah Badu vibes in a bad ass sparkle green tank. Their smooth beats and freestyle rhymes spun on the beauty and anticipation of waking up for Jungle Love, encompassing the hangovers and seething heat, and paying homage to coincidental  4:20 set times, to then be cooled by the sexy stylings of the Saxophone, showing us all just how god damn good a combination like this is, and together, we praised. (Notable mention to local white boy rapper spacecowboy4005, for igniting the tradition)

Good things come in three, and the Melbourne dark instrumental based lords The Cactus Channel kept that fable kicking. Making vibes in a recent collaborations with Chet Faker, the seasoned festival and club show heavy weights tightly filled the stage with their cavalry of instruments, and proceeded to blow the hell out of the crowd with their reverb-drenched guitar, horns and infectiously funky instrumental hypno-funk. I can’t speak for what my eyes couldn’t see, but there was constant butt shaking and arm failing from up front, so I can only imagine that was wide spread, and with good reason. As the sun set they serenaded the love crowd with their saturated funk and suave stage presence, and prepared us all for the final evening of Jungle Mischief and lovin’.

A notable mention goes to the ‘Fronds Forever’ Bar, that provided a palm filled, and importantly, shaded oasis of swivelling fans, wooden floors and cool beverages. Staging stand out acts like Red Hill and Omegachild, along with substantial food choices (not shapes), coffee and merchandise as far as the mirage would allow.

The Jenova Collective, Photo: Jack Doonar

 A hard call, and one I personally don’t want to make, but for the purpose of this review will, because, your parents will deny it till the cows come home, but there’s always the favourite child. The stand out act goes to Leeds locals, International guests  The Jenova Collective who brought their unique electro swing stylings to the Zazu stage. In the midst of their Australian and NZ Tour, and a late comer to the line-up, they ignited the chilled evening air with molecules of ghetto funk and sent dance into overdrive, with lead lady Lily coaxing and leading the crowd in black platforms, glitter and an attitude to jibe. Just when you thought you had the jive down pat, came the Drum n' Bass dub mix. The track ‘Doing it’ sent the crowd dropping, in a synchronized awe, everyone lost it, no seriously, everyone. Lost it.  The blue strobe lights provided a cocoon of funk and a portal for your soul to leave your body for split second and get lost in the encompassing greatness of real music and like-minded, beautiful humans.

To summarise Jungle Love Music and Arts Festivals; it’s like meeting that person, who you instantly connect. They share the same love for pizza shapes, Adam Sandler movies Pre 50 First Dates and hating to love French bulldogs, you know it’s not really goodbye, just see ya later. Until 2016 Jungle Lovers, stay wild and keep supporting your local artists, venues and fantastic events alike!


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