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EP Review: Loren Kate's 'Til Night Meets The Sun'

After winning the Telstra Road To Discovery last year, Loren Kate has released her first single When You Leave from the upcoming EP ‘Til The Night Meets The Sun’, which is out next month. I was lucky enough to get an early listen to the EP.  For most of this EP I had goose bumps, the songs are truly stories that Loren makes feel so real that you can almost reach out and touch them with the help of just your headphones.

The opening track, Silver And Gold is the best choice of introduction, a total storytelling song about Loren’s life growing up in the country and sea, riding horses & bikes, building cubby houses and dealing with separated parents. It’s a song about innocence but the last verses twist the childhood view on the world, the moment when you release things aren’t all tadpoles and trampolines, ‘visit my dad in the holidays/ in a dusty town out west/and he took my $20 to buy some milk and bread/he came home with a carton of beer and pack of cigarettes’

Following that is the bittersweet love song that anyone who has ever been guarded about love can relate to and it features so many lines that you wish you’d written.  This Heart Of Mine is about falling in love again after continually building walls, locking yourself away and always being just close enough to the door to leave. The lines that lead you into the chorus are so real and raw, ‘I learned from my father to always have a bag packed/one foot out the door/ never looking back’, although it sounds like the end is inevitable for any relationship with these lessons being learned, the chorus swells with “I’m not gonna leave/ Just have patience with me/ It’s gonna take time/ to mend this heart of mine”

Rollin Wheel, opens with an instantly recognisably country twang of guitar and it serves up totally country cheating song, is that three chords and the truth I hear?  Now everybody’s heard a cheatin’ song before but Loren seems to find new, fresh, clever ways to tell the story that’s been told a thousand times over. A man cheating on his wife with the woman down the street, wife gets pregnant, woman down the street also has a baby to him too, wife says nuh-ah not today buddy and packs his bags for him. The repeated motif of ‘put a fist through the wall’ illustrates the situation so well because it is just so brutally honest. The most haunting lyric perhaps, because it so true it almost makes you want to cry ‘and wonders where he went/ that man she first met’.

The lead single from the EP is When You Leave is about Loren’s ex-partner who passed away two years ago. It is totally overflowing with emotive, intimate storytelling. For anyone who has very lost someone you love or loved, you need to hear this song. In an office full of people, I accidently got like a twig or branch or something in my eye, because it is so deeply moving.  My favourite line from this track is ‘take my love, take it all/ cause I have got time to make some more’, it is such a meaningful sentiment to leave someone with.

All good things must come to an end and the closing track is perfectly positioned on the track-list, the hopeful and uplifting Til Night Meets The Sun. The track is about getting older, facing the challenges that life throws at you and just pushing through. The only criticism I have for this EP is that I wanted just a little bit more, more of songs like this. Overall, ‘Til Night Meets The Sun’ is a wonderful introduction to Loren Kate, her storytelling song writing abilities are the biggest hero in this piece.  It takes your through so many emotions and what feels like special stories and moments shared with a friend. 

'Til Night Meets The Sun' is available on October 9th, you can watch the music video for her new single When You Leave below:

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