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Live Review: Imagine Dragons, British India @ Riverstage, 5.09.2015

They say: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, and I say: “Where there’s smoke, there’re mirrors”. Last Saturday something completely magical happened at Riverstage. We all Imagined Dragons! Personally, I never was a total fan of theirs, but after the concert and this wowing show they did, I might start considering myself one. Imagine Dragons know how to pull an amazing performance – that’s an incontestable statement.

No one can argue that those Rirevstage gigs always turn out incredible and mind-blowing. Already at 6:30pm you could feel the excitement floating in the endless crowd flow, people laughing, chatting, bidding on what songs will be played, it was impossible not to join this act of happiness. If you were not as thrilled as other super hyped folks, you unconsciously started to be so after your inner empathy switch turned itself on.

Just after enough time to prepare for the show, we all gathered as an enormous one-night-family and sat down, patiently waiting for it to start. Could you imagine, how awesome it was, when lights went down and British India got on stage? I believe, guys were as stocked, as everyone staring at them! “Smoke+Mirrors” Tour is one of the biggest in their long history, as the front-man Declan nicely told us. Melbournians got the crowd entirely warmed up with their rebellious grunge sound, fun lyrics and heaps of on-stage exercises, like jumping, swinging, ballet-dancing with guitars and drumstick conducting. Their tracks ‘Vanilla’ and ‘I Said I’m Sorry’ did that magic trick, when in one moment crowd goes “Yay!”.

Photo Cristina Jorgensen

After a teeny-tiny break, when everyone was just too busy to find the best spot closer to the stage and not wasting time on food or toilet, the bright wave of sound covered and got everyone screaming. There they were: Imagine Dragons in all their mightiness. They started with the first song ‘Shots’ from the last “Smoke+Mirrors” album and that happy vibe immediately overwhelmed whole Riverstage, as Daniel performed already sick drumming solo. It was hard not to feel the power of smiles, everyone had on their faces. You may even think Dan Reynolds is really a dragon, when you see what does with his voice throughout the performance. Starting warm and honey, he develops then a strong breathtaking part and again goes back to bitter-sweet notes. It felt like he was about to jump into the crowd, that’s how close he was to his fans, or is it better to call them/us, best mates?

It would’ve been a crime not to mention how much attention was drawn to the drumming action. Band’s drummer Daniel was absolutely slaying it back there. Trust me, there were couple moments, where one definitely doubted who was the bigger matter on-stage: drums or Dan. Throughout their performance, they did about five marvelous drumming solos that definitely spread an eargasm all over the place. Masterfully combining and mixing all sorts of sound, going from high vocals plus hard beats and guitar bashing, to loud soulful rock sounds and flawless instrumental melodies.

Keeping their rebel-level on top, they didn’t follow all those stupid rock concert rules, when you have to go from strongest to slowest. It felt like a contrast shower, as Dan sang ‘Trouble’, ‘It’s Time’, ‘Roots’ and ‘Beds Are Burning’, then totally smashed the crowd with energetic blast of ‘I’m So Sorry’ and the sexy sound of ‘Gold’, he seduced audience with touching cover of Alphaville’s ‘Forever Young’, giving everyone a chance to dive in the world of romance by taking out their flashlights and lighters. Not to mention, Dan was pretty talkative throughout the performance, shared lots of emotions and feelings with the crowd, not only in words, but in his swaying/waving moves, as if he was drunk in love and music. Later everyone got back in time with sweet mixture of ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Tiptoe’, right after being fully speechless after the madness of ‘Friction’.

Do you know, what means to be lost in music? Well, I guess, you should, and in case you don’t, we all got entirely lost in musical wonderland after first milliseconds of ‘Radioactive’. Multiple waves of joy and love hit every single person and when both Dan and Daniel connected in a powerful blend of vocals, screaming guitar riffs and killing drum sounds brought everyone to a top point of euphoria.

It was the time I realized, even if you are broke or else, but you have a chance to be at such wonderful gigs like Imagine Dragons, you can still tell that you’re definitely living the perfect life.

Photo Cristina Jorgensen 

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