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Live Review: Jungle Giants, The Creases, Northeast Party House @ The Hifi, Brisbane 26.10.13

jungle giants

It was pretty apparent before the show even started that at the very least, The Jungle Giants sets was going to make for a fun and playful evening. As The Hifi’s crowd shuffled in to see the local Brisbane based harmonic pop rockers there loomed a carefree ready for a fun Saturday night vibe which ultimately translated into exactly that: A good show composed of good music and a crowd who chewed it up.

The Creases took to the stage first in delivering their shoe gaze, low-fi pop, which was, I suppose, noble but uninspired. First and foremost the biggest criticism to be had about the band was their apparent lack of professionalism with consistent bickering between – and occasionally within – songs, the unfortunate but continuous technical difficulties and some questionable mixing choices with one guitar varying between excessively loud and then barely audible. It was fairly clear from the get go that this was one of the bigger bills The Creases have played and simply they didn’t live up to the mark as well as they could have.

Still, criticisms aside the band was pretty good. Their music hit the right chord in composing sweet and poppy sounds with gentle but twingy Brian Jones Town Massacre inspired guitar riffs, super simple but effective drumming and, well, bass. To The Creases it was all about keeping the momentum high and keeping the show light and bubbly as they howled songs about wanting to kiss peoples faces, being dumped and other themes of adolescence. It was youthful, it was charming and it was pretty easy to get behind with such a young crowd in attendance. Worth mentioning also is the interchanging vocals between the two guitarists which added a layer of creativity to an otherwise fairly black and white genre of music and mixed it up enough to keep an audience engaged. Unfortunately though the same couldn’t be said for the efforts to harmonize vocals, which for the majority of the set were simply too overpowering. More often than not The Creases duel singers just couldn’t strike the balance when they attempted to compliment each other and the two voices would clash rather than collaborate.  It by no means derailed The Creases sound, it did however appear a relevant and constant component within their set that did less good than surely intended.  

Man, Northeast Party House was good. As soon as I got home after this set, the first thing I did was tried to find and acquire almost everything this band had written and released. While The Creases was a youthful and charmingly drony set, Northeast Party House nestled at the other side of the pop spectrum with sharp guitars, massive beat driven tones, rolling bass that shook hips as well as it drove the music, some seriously impressive electronic sound manipulation that stumbled almost into Industrial rock like terrains and one of the strongest and most unique voices coming out of Melbourne. This was music to move to, to go a little wild and to get on your feet and build up a sweat.

Really the best way to describe how North East Party House played is to note that very easily this band could fill the void in The Raptures extended absence. The band played with an apparent groove and stuck to this almost dance punk motive. It was layered music that relied heavily on the input from each member to build a solid and completely indulgent sound similar to bands like !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and Hot Chip. Because it was so tight in its live execution with each member brining their A game, Northeast House Party indicated, quite formidably, that they have the confidence and the capability to make them the new LCD Soundsystem. Now of course this sounds like way too much praise for an upcoming band still doing support sets but it’s very hard to argue given their performance on Saturday night. Really it’s difficult to pinpoint any key criticisms that hindered their overall show. For the type of music the band strived to play – dance pop beat driven music with occasional spillings of rock – Northeast Party House knew what they were doing and without a doubt positioned themselves as a band to keep an eye on if you’re into pop music generally.   

First impressions of the Jungle Giants provided the band with a sense of caring and enthusiasm about the set at hand. Beginning with gentle melodic strumming, The Jungle Giants in a sense developed a calm before the storm of their renowned low-fi, hugely jittery pop sounds. Very quickly though things went from this gentle calm to the fun and chaotic sound of soft and buttery riffs and bopping beats that crowds were here to see.  The Jungle Giants were intensely entertaining once they got going and they played with an addictive energy that more than weaned off onto punters.

The formidably impressive component that stood out of The Jungle Giants set was their entertaining consistency through out and their ability to mix it up when necessary. It was surprising, and pleasantly so, for a band like The Jungle Giants who renown for a genre of music that can become very same same, very quickly to remain entertaining from start to finish. Even though this idea of monotony might translate, for the majority, to their songs and formula on record, in a live setting the Brisbane band held together a solid high-energy set that managed to constantly seem fresh.

It was fortunate that rather than getting bored as the set progressed, The Jungle Giants would do something, whether it was getting supporting act band members on stage, wild and erratic dancing or tweak the formula just enough to keep the attention well and truly on what was happening on stage. It was these intricacies that really made The Jungle Giants soar as a great live band and kept spirits high with a positive energy and a happy mood for their hour-long stint.

It was about incorporating these subtle ideas into keeping with their formula that worked and to this end the Jungle Giants were fun fast paced and at time chaotic pop with bursts of inspiration.

With the tried and true formula more than working to their advantage The Jungle Giants were able to keep the focus on the music and as such their set was near flawless in execution. Ultimately this is the other catalyst that led to such an entertaining and engrossing performance:  They were as tight as the drums being played and without any significant or noticeable flaws kept it coming from start to finish.

Enthusiasm for execution is a good combination to have in a live set and The Jungle Giants ticked both boxes with relative ease. Everyone going to this show left with a smile on his or her face. It was simply too hard to contest the good time to be had with strong supporting acts and a headliner that went above and beyond to make an audience as happy and as carefree as possible. 

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