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How Deep Is Your Love (And Your Pocket)?

How much would you be willing to spend in order to meet your favourite musician? The gigs are getting bigger, the acts are getting more popular, and thanks to the presence of social media it's virtually impossible to simply run into your musical idols on the street because the divine intervention of technology now allows thousands of people to constantly know their whereabouts.

We've extended into the dangerous territory of celebrity where people cease to be human, and seeing a musician do what they do best (play music) is no longer enough for fans. We feel connected to these people in a way we never have before, and the stamp of accomplishment is a (blurry) selfie taken by shaky hands, a three word conversation whilst being held back by tight security. Long gone are the days where a signed piece of merchandise would do the trick. People are no longer willing to settle for a poster of their favourite artists, they want to meet them in the flesh.

They know this and are cashing in.

Discussion arose around this topic during the week when 360 announced his 'UTOPIA' tour which starts this September. His Utopia package includes a GA Tickets, a chance to attend sound check, VIP merchandise, the chance to meet and get a selfie with 360 himself and the chance to stand side of stage for the performance. This package was going for $1000 (plus bf). Many were outraged at the label's gall to rip off legions of dedicated fans and put such a high price on a selfie.

However, 360 is not alone in the overzealous ticketing prices. Some of the packages being offered for the major acts with upcoming Australian tours do not even include a meet and greet with the artist, but play on fans willingness to pay to simply be one step closer than everyone else and desire to feel 'special'.

For Queen's upcoming tour with Adam Lambert, tickets are as high as $202 and VIP packages range from $300 - $750 with the best (and most expensive) offering VIP merchandise and a seat in the central reserved section... crazy right? But that's the price you have to pay for a "once in a lifetime experience" with Queen.

We have to give them a little bit of leniency however, because they've been around the block a few times.

Newcomers One Direction have clued in early, with tickets to their first ever stadium tour going on sale Saturday which include a $300 'hot ticket' which gives you the closest views to the main stage and B-stage and a 1D wrist watch. That's right, $300 for a seat and a watch. A glimpse of the gorgeous boy band for a whopping $300. We're wondering how fans will manage to afford this considering the average age of the group.

The tickets then range from $180 down to $100 for the cheapest nose bleed seats (when honestly you'd have a better view at home on your computer). But this shouldn't surprise parents and fans considering that on their last tour to Australia VIP tickets were going for around $400 and only included access to sound check. In fact, the UK boys have never done a meet and greet in Australia, much to fans dismay. We can only speculate how obscene the prices for that would be!

Another band, The Eagles have announced the prices for their VIP tickets for the History of the Eagles tour next year, with fans expected to pay $995 each for an un-obstructed view of the American rockers. For $675 you can sit near the front but not at the front...

Legendary band The Rolling Stones charge $1275 for entry to the 'tongue pit' and special VIP merch. A meet and greet with Lady Gaga will set you back $1500, it'll cost you $1500 for exclusive Justin Timberlake seats, and Katy Perry goes one better with a $500 ticket getting you seats and an exclusive bathroom. Amazing.

What's most surprising about all of these figures is that fans are willing to spend the cash for these gimmicks. Obviously the only reason why labels and promoters are still getting away with these prices, is because they can. So unfortunately, if your favourite is anywhere on this list, you'd better start saving.

If they aren't, then we want to know... how much would you be willing to pay?

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