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Interview: Tim Nelson 'Cub Sport'

It's been a while since we heard the sounds of Brisbane quartet Cub Sport, in fact it's been so long that last time we got new music from them they had a different name. The overarching power of Scouts Australia aside, Cub Sport has returned with a vengeance in 2015 with their brooding, electronically infused single 'Only Friend' and a released date for their new album This Is Our Vice. We caught up with frontman Tim Nelson to discuss musical directions, dodgy mixes and puppy karaoke.


Only Friend is the first taste we’re getting of This Is Our Vice, It’s such an emotional track that I think a lot of people can relate to, what was the inspiration behind it?

I wrote Only Friend after we’d tracked that whole album and we sent a song off to get test mixed by kind of a high profile producer and when we got it back it was really disappointing. It was just so far from what we wanted and what we were expecting and I guess I started to get pretty anxious about it because it meant it was going to be months of delay before we can actually get anything out and that’s kinda what I wrote only friend about.

Well seeing as it has such tumultuous inspiration, What was it about Only Friend that drew you to it as a single?

I think it’s probably the most different to our previous work that we’ve released so with having such a long break between released we want to show that we have developed and changed in the couple years that its taken to get this stuff out. I mean, personally, I’m always a little disappointed when you’re waiting for a release and the new stuff is exactly like the stuff that they’ve put out before so we wanted it to be a bit different and we wanted it to surprise people. I think it’s definitely one of the darker moments on the album so I guess it’s a nice juxtaposition for the bright, summery pop that we have been know for in the past.

It’s a definitely a bit darker, a bit more electronic than your past stuff, was this a natural evolution or a conscious decision to kind of change the sound?

Well I started writing when I started recording demo’s for myself which isn’t something I’ve done before so I think not having the live instruments around when I was writing songs and kinda having to program in the drums and the electronic sounds and stuff so that’s what gave it that feel. When we were recording it we went and put a lot of live guitars and drums and bass and that sort of thing over the top of it so it still have a human feel but there is definitely those elements of electronic music throughout it.

Was there some particular artist that you were listening to that inspired the sound at all?

I was listening to a whole mix of things when I was writing this album. I was listening to quite a bit of Blood Orange and Sky Ferrea and more of those 80’s drum and bass sounds. I was also listening to a lot of Arcade Fire and also the Beyonce album that came out in 2013. So it became like a bit mixture of a whole lot of different things.

So it’s been almost two years since you guys released something major what’s happened in that time, what did the process of putting this album together look like?

Well, after we finished the touring for our Paradise EP here in Australia we went over and toured America for a bit. Then we signed our record deal at about the same time. After that we came back to Australia and recorded most of the album around the middle of last year. Then we had a few hold ups that were out of our control, one of them being the mixing situation, so we ended up going back to the same producer that we’ve always worked with, John Castle. I guess it was just having to work round everybody’s schedules and unexpectedly having to go back to other options. We’ve been sitting on the album for quite a while now and I guess I’ve just been writing new songs and it’s a really good feeling to finally be able to release new music.

We here at AAABackstage like to support the local scene so what Brisbane bands are you guys into at the moment?

I really like The Good Sports, I got really excited because they released an album earlier this year, they kinda just snuck it up online. I think they’re great. I really like The Creases, I think its just really clever song writing that isn’t too over complicated its just really solid songs. They’re probably my two favourites. Oh and WAFIA, I saw her play at Little BIGSOUND when Zoe was speaking at it, she was playing during the lunch break and I just remember being so impressed with her voice and her ability to perform so it’s really cool to see her sign to future classic and put out an awesome single this past week.

So just as a final question I have to ask, your snapchat stories are very impressive and they contain a lot of two things and that’s puppies and karaoke, so if your puppies had the ability what would there go to karaoke track be?

Ohhhhh well Evie does actually like to sing like if you sing really really high she starts howling along so I think hers would be Phantom Of The Opera, that’s the one that generally gets her singing.

Well! Now that we’ve put that question to bed I think it’s time to say goodbye. Thanks for talking to us today Tim!

No problem, thank you.

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