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Interview: Twin Haus

So apparently there was some big festival in Byron over the weekend? Mmm hadn't even heard, we've been too busy catching up with promising local acts like Twin Haus, who have been making waves in the underground scene with their chilling, psychedelic tunes. We sat down over beers and chatted to the guys about their bromance with Dune Rats, touring and their epic EP 'Waxen Myraid', which is pretty fucking dope When asked about the local music scene, the guys said that it's bands like Dune Rats and Violent Soho that make you proud to be from Brisbane. And although no one will sing the Dunnies and VS's praise higher than us, we here at AAA recon its the silently humble and terrifyingly talented bands like Twin Haus that make us proud and excited to live in Brisbane. This is good shit in the making. Read on for good times.

 Lets get started, how did the band first get together?

We just met each other really casually and kinda oddly, like Dan met Nick at a halloween party and Degs went to school with Dan and we just started jamming really.

Do you all come from similar musical backgrounds when it comes to your favourite genres and bands?

Not at all actually. Degs is into a lot of electronic stuff, Nick is into really old stuff like dad tunes and Iti listens to weird England underground trance... Its cool though, its like a collective of different minds. 

How did the name Twin Haus come about?

We are all twins... Nah theres not really anything to it actually. We just liked the words.

How would you describe your sound?

We read a review the other day that called us 'ambient but violent', we thought that was pretty cool. Its definitely atmospheric but theres a lot of different kind aspects to it. Its funny because every time we get a new review they call us a different genre. It's always something new and different. We get psychedelic and ambient rock a lot. Its funny because I think one of the best things we draw from reviews etc is that no one can really put their finger on our sound. I think theres a lot of really awesome bands doing some awesome shit, but theres also a lot of bands doing the same shit. So the feedback we are getting we think is pretty cool.

What is your creative process when it comes to writing your tunes?

Its definitely a group process. We pretty much jam and start off with a riff or a chord progression or a drum beat, and then we just jam out and record stuff on our phones so that we can listen over and decide what we like and what is rubbish. Theres' definitely never any preconceived ideas, it always happens really organically. The only times we have ever started a song from outside the group dynamic and bought it in to show everyone, we have ditched it straight away. It's a collective thing where if we're not all doing it, it doesn't stick.

Tell me about your debut EP 'Waxen Myraid', it's a really beautiful collection of songs, would you say there is an underlying theme?

I don't know. I guess there are a lot of hidden themes throughout the different tracks, but I think it's all very subtextual. We are pretty proud of it and but its very open to what the audiences wants to take from it as a whole.

Do you have a favourite song to perform live?

Yeah we've got a little bit of a banger in the mix at the moment that we are recording at the moment and hopefully releasing as another single. We like to play Eye for an Eye, but they are all fun to be honest. The whole live experience is really why we are all sticking around really. 

You recently opened for Brissy boys the Dune Rats, how was that?

It was awesome, they are rad dudes. While their public image is one thing, they are incredible people, so humble and down to earth and you are just in total awe of watching them play live. Fuck they are incredible. The gig was really good for us and we were stoked they had us on board. 

Being local boys, what are you're thoughts on the Brisbane music scene?

I don't know, like touring was great and seeing Sydney and Melbourne from the stage was kind of eye opening in that we found that contrary to popular belief, Brisbane isn't far behind in the music world, if anything its in front. Its all about utilizing it. I think that a lot of the time, the sorts of bands that are able to grab a lot of exposure in Brisbane, are not a really good representation of the scene as a whole. Theres a lot of sick bands in Brisbane though.

If you could travel back to any musical era, what would it be?

Baroque! Nah, probably Hendrix's era, that would be pretty sick. Or maybe back in the big jazz band, New Orleans era. That would be epic.

What else can we expect from you this year?

Well we will be recording that single soon, just playing shows and writing tunes. We hope to release something by the end of the year and we would love to do some music videos too. 

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