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Feature Interview: Stonefield


AAA's very own Gabriella had a chat with Stonefield's front woman, Amy. 

Amy, how are you?

Good, thank you!

So tell me, is this your first interview for today or have you done plenty?

No this is my first one today. Laughs

Where are you right now?

I’m just at my house, chillin, cleaning out my fishbowl, nothing exciting.

I’m really interested to know about your childhood, when did you guys decide to form a band?

I guess it was 2006 we started playing our instruments and started playing together, and yeah it all just kind of happened and we realised we could do it and yeah, it kind of went from there.

And what did you grow up listening to?

 Umm, I guess a lot of 70’s rock records, Zepplin, Zappa, Hendrix, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac.

Was that your father’s or your mother’s influence?

Both, they both share the same taste of music which is great.  So yeah, always had good music on in the background at home.

 Tell me about the dynamics in your band? Is it too comfortable because you’re all sisters? 

We’re pretty close. We’re good friends as well as sisters and I guess we have the same interest, like the same music, we like doing the same things. We’re always kind of hanging out outside of the band as well. It works really well, we’re really lucky to have each other and have such a close relationship.

Do you write as a collaboratively?

Yeah, it kind of differs. For this record, particularly, Hannah, the guitarist and I wrote a lot of stuff before taking it to the band, and then we put it in a band situation we sort of made it sound more like us and added in all the bits. I guess, a bit more rock, from the acoustic kind of start. That’s definitely our favourite way of writing; just going off of one idea and jamming it out together. 

What do you prefer, playing drums or singing?

I definitely prefer singing over drumming, it’s always been my number one thing, I’ve had a passion for singing for as long as I can remember, so that’s always been my main focus. I love drumming as well it’s great to be able to play drums as part of our set, but now we are lucky enough to have another drummer so I can get up the front and kind of have the best of both worlds which is really nice. It’s good to get up closer to the audience and dance around. It’s definitely a lot easier for me than playing drums for the whole set.

When you’re on stage and your singing, do you think about anyone for inspiration?

I dunno, when I’m on stage I kind of get lost in the moment and kind of stop thinking in general, or if I am thinking, I’m thinking about how awesome the audience is and um, how much fun we’re having and thinking about the song and what I’m singing. Um, but yeah, I don’t really draw influence, performance wise, from anyone in particular, I think maybe it just kind of happens without me really realising it.

In regards to the songs off the new album; what do they mean to you on a personal level?

It kind of feels like it’s summed up a lot of things in our lives that has happened so far, and musically as well. It was really different obviously going from recording an EP to an album, you’ve got much more space and time.

How long did it take you to record it?

We spent about a month in the studio. We had ten days pre-production before that. I don’t know if that’s long or short, I’m not really sure. Laughs.

How far into the tour are you?

We’re kind of in the middle now, we’ve done quite a few gigs already and I think we’ve got about eight or nine shows to go. 

How do you conserve your voice on tour?

I’m pretty kind of anal about it and I don’t party if I’ve got a gig the next day. I just make sure that I warm up and warm down and all of that kind of nerdy stuff that a lot of people don’t do but it’s so important. 

Did you get singing lessons?

I’ve had lessons all through high school and then in my degree. And then I did the Alexander Technique for a year which was really interesting, sort of, not so much focusing on singing but the way you hold your body and how important your posture is and stuff like that. So, yes, I’ve done quite a lot of work. 

And your second youngest sister just finished school?

Yep, she just had her last exam block. The youngest one is finishing year ten this year.

That must be really, really tough to juggle for her!

Um yeah, it definitely is quite challenging, it is really hard for her to discipline herself. She’s kind of really wanting to get through it so she’s got a bit of a backup. But, I think she’ll be playing music for the rest of her life.

Are your parents really encouraging her to finish school?

They’re actually not really strict about it, they’re kind of like, if you wanna drop out, if you wanna do the music, that’s okay, but it’s good if she kept going with her studies. They’re really supportive of the band and want to make the most of it. 

Do you guys all live together in Preston?

Umm no, I’m the only one who lives out of home. They all live at home still, at mum and dad’s.

Who do you live with?

I live with my boyfriend. 

So, for my last question, because we seem to be running out of time…. Where do you see the band in five years? 

Umm.. hopefully we’ll have a couple more albums out and be touring overseas and not be stuck in Australia, spreading our wings. Hopefully just reaching out to new audiences.

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