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We Interview Matt & Kim

Matt & Kim

In less than a month, Brooklyn's exciting dance punk duo Matt & Kim will be Groovin' the Moo in Australia. Before they crash our shores, we caught up with one part of the duo, Kim, to discuss life on the road, festivals and discovered who is the superhero and sidekick of the duo.

You guys have been part of some massive events recently – SXSW, Googamooga Fest, Ultra Music Festival… what is your favourite part of the festival circuit?

Festival season is great because people are going to festivals with open minds and looking to find out about new bands.  I feel the music we play is easy to catch onto during a first listen.  I also like the competitiveness of winning new fans over.

Which of your fellow artists are you looking forward to seeing most while at Groovin’ the Moo?

I really want to see Tegan & Sara.  We have a lot of mutual friends and just recently met.  They are really sweet.  I am also really curious to see They Might be Giants.  I am not familiar with some of the Australian bands on the bill so who do you guys suggest i check out?

On your Facebook page there seems to be a constant cry from fans for you to visit their town. And so many live in cool places. Is there a city/country that you are yet to visit that you would love to go to?

It is hard because while on tour you don't really get to see the city you are in.  It is usually a backstage room and the hotel room.  We joke that one day we are going to take a Kim and Matt tour.  Where we go on a tour and don't play shows.  Instead we go see the sights!

Your Matt and Kimstagram has some great shots from travelling and performing, but also some hilarious pictures of the tedious ways of daily life. Do you guys have any pet peeves, particularly from extensive touring?

Hmm pet peeves.  You know what I hate.  When you are at the baggage claim in a airport and everyone crowds around it.  Then you can never see if your bag is coming and you have trouble pulling it off cause people are pushed up against you.  I will say if it is a long day of traveling I try to hit those people with my bag when i pull it off.  Matt is going to kill me for saying this!

Who is the superhero and who is the sidekick?

Oh c'mon I am obviously the superhero and matt is my sidekick.  We had to register as a business for tax reasons and I am the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  Then I tell people Matt's my bitch!

Lollapalooza will be a massive show for you both! It’s got an amazing line up already. Do you often find yourselves getting starstruck when mingling amongst amazing talents?

I am a huge hip hop fan and festivals in the US are finally starting to add hip hop acts to the roster.  I will say I got very excited when i saw the our name was right next to 2 Chains.  I also freaked a little bit when Jay Z walked past me at this one private event thing we were at. 

You’ve obviously got a great fanbase. Do you ever get any mail from them? Anything particularly impressive?

Oh all the time.  It is awesome.  I do love mail especially when its not bills.  Someone sent me a sweet anchor ring by betsy johnson.  I wear that a lot.  I also save all the letters we get!

Your version of the Harlem Shake has over 11 million hits on YouTube (!!!) and possibly the biggest cast for the video. Pretty impressive! Is this something you orchestrated or was it a spur of the moment video?

It was spur of the moment.  It was when the videos first starting appearing and we've been a fan of Baauer.  We never thought it would get as many views as it did. 

Is this your first visit to Australia? Have you got any touristy plans while in the country?

No, this is like our fourth time.  We love it there.  I am really excited because the last time we were there i found out I have a lot of relative in Sydney.   I can't wait to meet them and hang out.  I heard I have a lebanese feast coming my way!!!   As far as touristy things i really think we've done it all.  Well we haven't walked on the top of that huge bridge but man I don't know, that shit just sounds too crazy for me! 

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