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Live Review: Holy Holy, Fractures, Big Bad Echo @ The Zoo, 22.08.2015

We are all entirely bonkers, when it comes to amazing, comfy atmosphere, cosy vibes and utterly warm tunes. Last Saturday all the best people gathered together to enjoy insane and holy night at The Zoo. Folks are busy chatting and taking place all around, trying to get themselves all the right spots to catch the best view on the stage. Nice and chilling vibes are swaying everywhere in the air. No wonder why the show is totally sold out, everyone needs and wants a piece of this wonderful cake with three sweet ingredients: Big Bad EchoFractures and topped with Holy Holy

Drinking and chatting goes on in order to kill time before the storm. Meanwhile, Big Bad Echo is all ready to take the stage over with their loud, live and energetic sound. When first tunes flow into the mass’ ears, thereno time for wondering if the Wonderland opened its doors. It did, with the first sounds of Mick Reddys truly rocknroling voice. 

People just kept flowing through the doorsas if the venue was hundred times bigger on the inside then on the outside. By the time Big Bad Echo finished their reign on the stage, the crowd got pretty much ready for the next act. Luckily, it didntake much time for sweet Fractures to get on stage, and no one, repeat, no one, had even a second to chill. Well, maybe just one for refill

Do I actually have to say, how good and comfortable Mark looked? Since this lad said his the very welcoming Hello” with the first song, the feeling of being in another reality fully injected itself into everyones bloodstream. Is it necessary to say what a stunner and sexy as (insert your sexiest dream) was his recent gem ReactorEven the toughest heart would break into pieces, once heard first notes of it. Couldnt resist it, couldnresistCan you imagine how hard it is to resist an enormous pizza with lots of stretchy cheese and all your favourite toppings? Well, that is the right way to describe what it feels like, when you hear melodic tunes generously delivered by Fractures. 

Source: Christina Jorgensen

You hear: Holy moly, Holy Holy” and the heart starts to beat twice as fast as usual. Millisecond later, you find yourself unconsciously chanting Holy Holy” along with everyone around. 

The time comes and first tunes escape out of their instruments. From the very beginning its super easy to guess, this truly historical night starts with the vibes of HistoryThe very rocknroll, but still soft sound covers the whole venue, heart beats right in the rhythm of the music and you somehow loose the ability to think properly. What else can happen, when the world of Holy Holy merges with yours? Everything becomes nothing, at the moment you let Timothy and Oscars voices conquer your soul. Sincere guitar melodies combine with powerful drums and keyboard, and the whole crowd just looses itself. At about the middle of the set, the madness is already on its peak, but, as they say, the more, the betterthere goes an amazing, remarkable drum solo, which drives the whole floor entirely insane. Definitely the jaw-dropping move from a fantastic drummer – Ryan Strathie. 

Different things happen on concerts: people fight, get drunk, crazy, sick, sometimes worseWell, this one didnt miss this special tick on the concerts bucket list, as Timothys guitar happened to need some first-aid. Huge plus goes to lads’ karma, they didnt struggle a second and started some crazy instrumental stuff on stage! Oscar kept everyone engaged and fascinated by the marvellous, hot guitar tunes, accompanied by other legends’ parts. No wonder, why they call themselves Holy Holy. These are the only thoughts you think, when look at them. 

Once Timothy got back in the game, the band dropped brand new track Elevatorwhich is one real banger. Later on, they played all-time-favourite House of Cards and how come one resists the sound of this track? From now till the very end of the concert, whole house turned into huge pack of cards. Joyful, tipsy cards in nirvana.

Some bands show their best first. These bad boys left the sauciest for the closing, and, in my humble opinion, it was the best possible decision. You know that the show is a killer, when you can almost touch the music with your closed eyes. Drums, guitars and keyboard – all unites in hypnotic unison.

Source: Christina Jorgensen

The patience paid off well, as the last song was the complete hit, starting with just-right lyrics, followed by bright and touching sounds and topped with super soft, yet strong and energetic vocals. Like they say, You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog. Though you can call for Holy Holy’ in case you need a reminder. 

Verdict is super simple: if you missed this act of magic, dont cry, go grab yourself a copy of their album When The Storms Would Come’ and regret nothing!


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