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Live Review: Vance Joy, #1 Dads, Airling @ The Tivoli, 06.03.15

Airling, #1 Dads, Vance Joy; now that’s a spicy meatball. My eyes lit up immediately. If that’s not a sandwich of some of the most delicious Australian musicians we have, then I don’t know what is. The Tivoli was lit up to an array of gorgeous harmonic flickers, raw heart wrenching lyricism and some down right groovy jams (mmm … jam) to bring a night of utter bliss.

Airling is one of Brisbane’s home grown beauties and her opening spot truly highlighted how far she’s grown and how much of a confident performer she’s become. Where You Are always rips right through a crowd, and the combination of her produced vocal distortions and genuine vocal capacity hits you in the heart harder than you’ve ever felt before. With only an EP released, her set was filled with bulk unknown tracks, and that’s a very exciting thing … is a full length record around the corner? 

#1 Dads then stole the stage, tearing it right up with a set composed of heavy tracks and stripped back soulful tunes. Filled with strong vocals and catchy riffs for days, Tom Iansek really shines on stage as an entertainer. Welcoming Airling on was pleasant surprise that we secretly hoped for, and they belted out a couple of duets and the duo is something we could all use more of in our lives. Return To was also a real special moment, that left is something else in the live arena, I was covered head to toe with goosebumps by the end.

As the letters spelling V-A-N-C-E-J-O-Y lit up at the back of the stage, the audience sardine-d into The Tivoli gave roar to their folk rock god Vance Joy as he began one hell of an emotional roller coaster. This man was voted #1 in the 2013 triple j Hottest 100 countdown (and with three more jumping into 2014’s), he’s debut on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last month and he’s supporting Taylor Swift on her Australian, US and UK leg of her 2015 tour. It’s not long now until James Keogh will be proper famous, not just Australia famous. So Brisbane made sure that he wouldn’t forget us in a riot of fan-girls, fan-boys-with-man-buns and fan-middle-aged-women. 

Creating a set list that perfectly balanced the dance worthy tracks and stripped back mellow tunes, Vance took us for one hell of a ride, with so many ups and downs I felt like I was watching a series final of Lost. Having a few solo moments on stage he left himself exposed and vulnerable, but really this is when he shone the brightest proving his talent and impressed all. The climatic joyous band moments were equally as impressive and had the audience jumping with the room lit up with smiles. I repeat, it was an emotional roller coaster. 

Joining him were his band, building the sound into an incredible force to be reckoned with a tasty addition of horns which was an even more delicious addition than chipotle sauce. Although I couldn’t help miss the strings that appear on his record. Give everything he had, plus strings and that would be a gorgeous ensemble and would certainly have most in tears.   

Wasted Time was definitely a moment. With closed eyes and open heart, you can really see this is more than just singing songs for Vance. “Why do you go wasting your time on me?” is just a glimpse into the honesty that his lyricism has, and there is no hiding his feelings in man. On stage, he is an open book, admitting every feeling he’s had, and you feel it too. 


Vance Joy, Photo: Dean Swindell

Although it was time, and everyone knew it was time; the ukulele appeared and it was time to run down to the Riptide. Everyone either broke out their camera, or broke out in dance but either way all went mental. The chart topper was clearly the highlight of the night for most and you could feel it in the room. Dancing, jumping and belting out the lyrics created quite amount of electricity in the room and really was a joyous moment.

The fan-middle-aged-women had something to go crazy about with a couple of olden goldies flipped on their head, Vance Joy style. Dancing In The Dark has been a cover that’s been floating around giving the youngens’ a little taste of the Bruce Springsteen, but judging by the cult styled chanting, they had already sunk their teeth into this entrée of the 80’s. However, the main course came in form of an encore has he busted out some Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain; big shout out to the fifty year old women on the balcony who, I can safely say, lost her shit more than any One Directioner has.

Vance Joy, Photo: Dean Swindell

Vance is about to set off to bigger and better things and for good gosh darn reason. From lyrics to guitar to performing, he can tick all the boxes one can think of. He’ll make you dance until your feet fall off and then leave you with a tear in the eye. You only want good things for this talented god, and boy are they coming. 

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