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Live Review: Insane Clown Posse @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane


Usually when you arrive at Brisbane's Hi-Fi for a gig there might be a handful of people in front of the door that you line up behind and then you make it inside about a minute later. Well not for an Insane Clown Posse show.

Doors were scheduled for 7:30pm and the line went half way up Wilson Street, and then looped back around and down Boundary Street. Now an ICP line is not like any other group of fans you will encounter, ever. Half have paint on their faces and random chants of “Fa-mi-ly,” “Magic Magic Ninja What!“ and the occasional “Whoop Whoop,” echo through West End. Needless to say the average West End locals sat and ate their dinner with confused and concern looks on their faces, but if you know a Juggalo crowd, then you know there is no cause for concern. We were all made to wait for 40mins until the doors finally opened and security started to pat down each patron before entering. 

First onstage was South Australia’s homegrown Juggalo, KidCrusher. Unfortunately for him though he had to take the stage with half the crowd still waiting outside. At any other show you attend the opening act may have a handful of fans and hardly any of the crowds attention. Well not at a Psychopathic Records show. Even though KidCrusher isn’t apart of Psychopathic the crowd made him feel like part of the family. That is the beauty about Juggalos, they accept everyone and actually use manners and ask to walk past you instead of just bumping past. He performed alongside BubZombie (DJ) and delivered a short set full of his heavy metal influenced, wicked shit (horrorcore) rap. If you do what he said and Google him, you will find that he has recorded 14 studio albums and has a very impressive list for an unsigned and independent artist. He really felt like one of the crowd and not a performer, and it is safe to say that he will have a few more fans once the tour is finished. 

Now for all those hoping to throw your money at the merchandise stand and walk away with your wardrobe until the next ICP tour, you will be let down as there are hardly any t-shirt designs and by the time most get to the stand you’re size will probably be sold out. That is the only downfall of the night. But when Jumpsteady (Violent J’s brother to all the Non-Juggalos) comes onstage and preaches to the crowd, while psyching them up for both Big HooDoo and Boondox, you forgive them for the lack of merchandise.

Big HooDoo is the latest artist to sign with Psychopathic Records and has a bright future in front of him. He opened his short set with Hexed, which proved to be one of his best songs. His microphone was too low and his backing track overpowered his vocals at times. What made up from that was that he comes across as a genuine nice guy, that was over the moon to be playing in Australia and tried his hardest to entertain the crowd. His track Never Had even had him stating that it brought tears to his eyes and always does. He closed with Mountain Climbing and you can safely assume that isn’t the last we have heard from Big HooDoo. 

Crowd at ICP

The time arrived for Boondox, one of Psychopathic Records most successful artists, to grace the stage. His whole set he bobbles across the stage like a prowler. His microphone was louder than Big Hoodoo’s thankfully, so you could hear him rap clearly over the backing track. To most people performing a 45minute set on a stage by yourself with nothing else would be a nightmare, but Boondox didn’t slip or let up once. His hillbilly set included highlights with Inbred Evil, Pray With Snakes, and the clear standout, that was irresistible not to bobble along with, Sippin'. What Big HooDoo and Boondox did though was prove just how special and talented ICP are, because their songs at times blend into each other and they just can’t entertain a crowd like Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope.

Interview: Insane Clown Posse

Shaggy 2 Dope


Violent J

The night’s lineup felt like a championship bout, with each artist taking turns to throw their paunches and then the knockout punch being delivered by the most hated band in the world. And what a knockout it was. The most hasted band in the world puts on the most entertaining, fun loving, and unique show in the world. They started the night by sending out their clowns to dance around the stage before they kicked into The Mighty Death Pop (which features a sample of Hot Chocolate’s Everyone’s A Winner). The crowd went insane, quite fittingly, and at times made it hard to here the music over their cheers. Next track up was Chicken Huntin’, which set the tone for the nights set list featuring plenty of old songs mixed with some new. It was track 3, The Show Must Go On, that signaled the start of the soft drink downpour and as Violent J said it smelt like Faygo, kind of tasted like Faygo, so last night it WAS Faygo. This is something you will never experience anywhere else and probably never understand until you witness it for yourself. Just to witness them pouring soft drink over the crowd the whole night is worth the ticket price.

Pictures: Insane Clown Posse




Insane Clown Posse, Photos: Markus Ravik

Smiles are plastered and on some painted to faces everywhere, except maybe the HiFi bar’s staff that were witnessing what they had to clean up. Without giving too much of their set list away and leaving it a surprise, they played Rainbows & Stuff, Tilt-A-Whirl, Boogie Woogie Wu, The Neden Game and closed with Bang Pow Boom. J and Shaggy don’t really talk much at all between songs, so the humor they are known for especially present on their television show Insane Clown Posse Theatre, was absent but this could be because they wanted to play as many songs as they could in their hour long set.

If you think by standing in the back of the venue you will be safe from being drenched in soft drink, well that might be but you risk having a flying rocket, shot by J especially, hitting you in the face as he ensures everyone is involved and no one is safe. So embrace the show and experience something you will never come across again, until next time they tour which hopefully isn’t another ten years away.

The Faygo Armageddon during Bang Pow Boom signaled the end of the night. It features all of the VIP fans and some who jump up on stage spraying and throwing more soft drink on you then you have had throughout the whole show. So when you think you could not get any wetter, think again. The plus side of everyone being drenched in soft drink is that: No.1 you taste delicious No.2 you are nice and cool the whole show and No.3 everyone smells amazing since it covers the B.O. smell you are used to in a mosh.

Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope faded towards the back during the Faygo Armageddon and let their beloved Juggalos end the night. They are masters at putting on a show, which comes from over two decades of experience, and knowing how to make it special. Shaggy has said that they aren’t a band that people off the street just check out, well if you happen to see a line of clowns yelling out random chants, than make sure you wander off the street and check them out, you will not be let down.

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