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The DC3 Live Review Melbourne-Richmond

Death Mattel opened with what would have been an enjoyable set if I hadn't been so impatient for the second support act, Pinky Beecroft's Circus of Life, featuring members of The White Russians, with backing vocals from The Nymphs. I was lucky enough to see this band perform for the MONA opening in January, and I was very eager to see them again.

the dc3

The band performed Machine Gun Fellatio classics like "Pussy Town", a dirty dirty dirty version of "Blacklamb", and an astonishingly beautiful rendition of "Amorous", all without the signature MGF backing tracks and onstage antics, and what they lacked in show, they gained in substance. Everything was performed live, everyone was fully clothed, and it was flawless and unspeakably hot.


As well as giving new life to a selection of MGF classics, the band performed the infectious "Rock Boots" which has not yet been released. Here's hoping it won't be long before it's available. Beecroft was decked out in the much loved 'cat suit' and weilding a Roland Ax Synth, and The Nymphs were pitch and picture perfect in militaty regalia reminiscent of old world pinups, but perhaps the most astonishing thing about this show was what was happening off stage. This band had inspired a Melbourne audience to dance!

Ordinarily I would be devastated that such slick, hip shaking, visually enticing performance was over, but I knew it was just drawing me closer to The DC3.

A short but amusing solo set from Melbourne's own Bedroom Philosopher followed, including a song about meat deprivation and living with a vegan called Megan, before a verse introduction to The DC3.

Cowell, a short bald man in a suit cut across the stage, unceremoniously launching into a lyrical tyrade against the world at large, accompanied by former Root members Douglas Lee Robertson on bass and vocals, and Henri Grawe on guitar. This is what happens when rock, dance and popular culture collide with the mind of an overeducated white guy ranting about the things that irritate him. This is The DC3.

From the start of the set, the band was joined on stage by two men building a set around them. As the show went on, the set took the shape of an office cubicle, complete with a whiteboard across which a large illustraion of a wang was scrawled in adolescent fashion in blue pen. The crowd wasn't dancing, but they were involved. People were singing along enthusiastically to "Henry Fucking Wagons" a song less about Melbourne performer Henry Wagons than it is about always being overlooked and outdone.

I danced like an idiot as the band tore their way through a series new songs, including "I was The Guy in TISM" and "Jesus Penis" from their latest album The Future Sound of Nostalgia. All the while, the office continued to form around them until the end of the set, when they were playing entirely in the confines of the small cubicle. By the last song, they were completely walled in. As they played on, I could make out movement through small slits in the front wall, but not enough to see what was going on. The show closed on "No Longer Popular Google Search Word Party" from Vs Art (an album only available at MONA), as the band punched out holes in the wall, singing through them. I can't describe how funny Cowell looked as he flung himself from window to window, singing to the crowd.

I was so excited, I could barely breathe. This was one of the most thought provoking and visually engaging evenings I have enjoyed all year.

If you're looking for a high energy, intellectually engaging evening of great music and stimulating wit, make sure you don't miss The DC3.


17th September: The Republic Bar, Hobart

299 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

Supported by Pinky Beecroft’s Circus of Life


30th September: Beetle Bar, Brisbane

350 Upper Roma Street, Brisbane

Supports TBC


1st October: The Spotted Cow Hotel, Toowoomba

296 Ruthven St, Toowoomba

Supports TBC


5th November: The Sando, Newtown, Sydney

387 King St, Newtown

Supports TBC


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