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Harvest Festival @ Brisbane Botanic Gardens, 19.11.2011

Come midday Saturday, everyone’s ready to reap what they’ve sown. The sun is blazing as we leisurely stroll through the Botanic Gardens to catch the ultra-funky Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. The first act we get to watch properly are New York’s The Walkmen, who ably demonstrate what a powerful weapon Hamilton Leithauser’s voice is on songs from last year’s Lisbon and longtime favourite The Rat.


The cosy Big Red Tractor stage proves to be a great chillout spot – and with a band like Dappled Cities providing the soundtrack, it’s simply a must-attend. Zounds highlights Wooden Ships and The Price are, as expected, magnificent. Over at the sun-scorched Windmill Stage, cosmic Americana kings Mercury Rev make for a dream set, emerging amidst clouds of transparent smoke and sending us to a galaxy far, far away with Deserter’s Songs favourites Holes, Endlessly and Opus 40.


The Flaming Lips – Thebarton Theatre – 16/11/11 Nick Harris

Huge balloons and confetti canons, metre-long party poppers and dancing schoolgirls, a crowd-surfing bubble and hands that shoot lasers, a great mirror ball and a giant woman giving birth to the band. All just a normal day in Flaming Lips land.


The night started with Perth group Pond, whose frontman Paisley Adams has more moves like Jagger than Adam Levine. If you’re looking for some local, retro-future, 60’s revivalist, psychedelic pop-rock, then Pond may be just what you’re after. Or if you like Tame Impala, as the two bands share a few members. Their performance was enjoyable and interesting enough, but it was hard not to be distracted by Wayne and the other Lips who were clearly visible from the wings.


Kings of Leon – Adelaide Entertainment Centre – 11/11/11

Initially, I wrote a particularly vitriolic review of this show, not because of the performance itself, but because the experience I had being among other Kings of Leon fans. However, I’ve saved the worst of my venom for my personal blog, and will endeavour to give you a review of the show itself, and not of the sour, sensitive, self-righteous people I had to watch it with. (Suffice to say, it seems a large proportion of KoL fans, in this state at least, don’t really seem to understand the rock concert experience.)


I arrived late and just missed Band of Horses. I’ve been informed from a reliable source that Horses put on a great warm up set and were a great choice of support act. Having listened to a handful of their songs since the show, I would say that this is definitely the case.


Okkervil River Review 19.10.2011 Brisbane Hi-Fi

orkivil River

The Hi Fi seems to always host a great show and the Okkervil River and Mike Noga gig was no exception. Noga kicked off the evening in the carelessly fashionable way only a member of the Drones could. For a brief moment I thought Noga’s goodness was going to be lost amidst the excitement of the waiting crowd, but Noga didn’t seem phased and I soon learned why.


CITY RIOTS – Matchsticks (Independent)

With impressive beginnings, Adelaide’s latest rock export (as opposed to the regions usual Hip Hop domination) City Riots have toured with The Smashing Pumpkins and Midnight Juggernauts, recorded with Melbourne producer Paul ‘Woody’ Annison (Children Collide) and also with American producer Bjorn Thorsrud (The Smashing Pumpkins/The Dandy Warhols).



Bloc Party DJ Set Gig Review

'Ever cautious of the term 'DJ set' I am not a fan of dance, nor house, nor remixes. I am, on the other hand a Bloc Party fan. A hard-core Bloc Party fan.  So hard-core in fact that it's a little creepy, that it annoys my friends and that there may or may not be lyrics from 'Positive Tension' permanently scrawled round my arm. (Think Pamela Anderson, but less sophisticated)

Needless to say, after stumbling upon a small slap up advertisement in the Valley touting the 'Bloc Party DJ Set' I B-lined it straight to the nearest internet source to find out more.


We Review Balcony Tv!

Perched on a couch, on a rooftop balcony five stories above Brisbane, with a camera in your face and a worldwide audience of over 20 million people ready to watch you play – tough enough for a seasoned artist, but for a new band playing their first live performance, it’s a hell of a start.


Eight bands, one camera, one host and an admittedly chilly breeze blowing as we look down on Fortitude Valley … welcome to BalconyTV.


Red Hot Chili Peppers – I’m With You review

Five years after the sprawling Stadium Arcadium, the mighty Red Hot Chili Peppers are back – this time as a completely different beast. The inspirational six-string samurai John Frusciante has left the fold again, leaving behind him a substantial creative void that was eventually filled by his friend and the Chilis’ previous tour guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. Accordingly, the LA four-piece’s album number ten I’m With You marks a beginning of a new era for the band. But is it as good as the proverbial “old stuff”?



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