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Beirut Review Hi-Fi Brisbane Thurs 12th Jan

When last in the country back in 2008, New Mexico’s Beirut left behind dripping notes of wanderlust and longing through lead singer Zach Condon’s wistful lyrics and reminiscence of far away places. Their latest offering, “The Rip Tide”, has found Beirut to have matured into a more pop orientated sound than the previous foreign music influenced “Flying Cup Club”.


Flippantly categorised as indie rock without relying on instrumental clichés of the ‘movement’, their choice of instruments allow Beirut a complex and dynamic performance delivered with romantic velvety baritones and the sweet innocence of a simple ukulele. 


Top 5 Australian Songs 2011

It was a hard decision to make and one that will always be subjective, but we've gone and compiled our Top 5 Australian Songs of 2011. Each song will forever hold the sound of 2011 and will most likely become selections for the So Fresh 2011 compilation (kill us now) because they were all played on ridiculous high rotation across the country, but were no less amazing songs. Enjoy!


Top 5 Australian Music Videos 2011

Never to be underestimated is the power of the music video. This year we've seen a bunch of killer videos from a great number of Australian acts ranging from the poignant to the straight up bizarre. Here are our Top 5 Australian Music Videos of 2011.


Sade Review - Sydney Entertainment Centre 9.12.11

There is a good chance that if you were born in the 80s you were conceived to a Sade song. A notorious recluse Sade (both the singer and the band are named so) is seemingly not one to feel the pressure to make music for monetary gain, fame or even the fans, releasing only one album a decade for the past thirty years. Yet that has done nothing to quell popularity of the band in the lead up to the Soldier Of Love world tour, the first in ten years.


Held at Sydney’s Entertainment Centre Sade emerged on a raised platform from beneath the stage clad in black, hair pulled back from an achingly beautiful face that barely shows her 52 years. Breaking into the pounding rhythm of new release ‘Soldier Of Love’, the Nigerian-born Brit’s voice is lustrous and husky and shows off a range broader then that suggested on her albums. With the initial opening over she took time out to thank the audience for keeping the flame alive, “You could have forgotten us but you didn’t, and we’re grateful” she murmured before serenading the crowd with ‘Your Love Is King’.


THUNDAMENTALS, Friday 2nd December 2011 @ The Globe, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

We arrived at The Globe just as the doors opened, and made our way to the bar for a few drinks before the show as the growing crowd trickled in. Most of the punters were eager to see the Thundamentals play the final show of their Foreverlution Tour, but with support acts of this quality, early-birds were rewarded with an aussie hip-hop treat of epic proportions.


The night kicked off with the up-and-coming emcee and producer duo Mr. Hill and Rahjconkas, opening the show with confidence and encouraging the crowd to come closer to the stage. Indulging in comical banter with the audience in between songs, they got the crowd moving with their most well-known song “Warning Signs”, stepping up the pace with the beat-and-bass heavy “Find my Way”. Both tracks are due to be released next year on their album “The Feedback”. Towards the end of the set, they were joined onstage by beatbox extraordinaire Tommy Illfigga, in a move that proved popular with the hardcore hip-hop heads.


Homebake festival Review

Homebake Festival @ The Domain, Sydney, 3.12.2011


Having made the trek down to Sydney the night before, I marvel at the spotless sky and light breeze as I walk up Crown St towards the leafy Domain. Contrary to the rather unappealing earlier forecast, it’s an absolutely stunning Saturday afternoon – a circumstance that makes Homebake 2011 (dubbed the “classic edition”) all the more special. 


The Getaway Plan with Madison Foxx, Gatherer and Break Even Live Review @ Hi-Fi Brisbane

We get to the HiFi early, expecting it to still be pretty quiet, but it's clear the people of Brisbane are keen to see the boys back in action - it's already going off. Three fairly heavy support bands, plus the main act, all on a Wednesday night? Bring it on.


Locals Madison Foxx hit the stage first, their lead singer sporting a pretty impressive scream and an even better mullet. The guys are energetic and do their best to get the crowd involved, and even manage to have a laugh when the guitarist breaks a couple of strings on the first song.


Busby Marou - Hi-Fi Friday 18/11/2011

I arrived at The Hi-Fi shortly after The Winter People hit the stage. The queue was trailing out the door and up the hill along Wilson St. Residents stood on doorsteps and Hi-Fi staff leaned out of doors, remarking that they hadn't seen this for months. I had clearly underestimated the popularity of Busby Marou.


The floor in front of the stage was still relatively empty as Sydney band The Winter People played, but the venue was rapidly filling up. The stage was full, with 6 band members, including 2 violinists. The band looked like they'd feel most comfortable relaxing by a bonfire under a mountain, and though the stage was full, they didn't overwhelm the audience with a sea of sound.


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