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WHO: GIVERS (US), Portugal, The Man (US), Guineafowl (SYD)
WHERE: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
WHEN: Thursday, February 9, 2012.


There are moments you know will never be erased from your mind, and in the best way possible. You might know it in the moment itself, or later, upon reflection. Thursday night's incredible three-band lineup at The Corner Hotel, in Melbourne, was a show that was incredible in the instant and life-affirming after the matter. The magical combination of Sydney's Guineafowl, GIVERS and Portugal, The Man was one of the best shows I've ever seen.


Chairlift Review - The East Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne

WHO: Chairlift (US),  Elizabeth Rose (SYD), Gold Fields DJs

WHERE: The East Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne

WHEN: Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

Being so close to St Valentines' Day, it was only fitting on Tuesday night that every single person at The East Brunswick Club, in Melbourne, fell in love. No, it was not the beer, nor was it the impending doom (or glee) of the most romantic day in the calendar that sent men and woman weak at the knees. It was with a lady named Caroline Polachek, and she was there to front her band, Chairlift.

Caroline polachek with chairlift

Caroline polachek with chairlift

First, though, the slowly growing crowd was warmed up by Sydney synth-sailor Elizabeth Rose, who worked her keyboard, laptop and loop pedals like a puppet master. Her vocal and visual qualities would have you believe she's one quarter of an all-girl happiness-soaked pop group, but listening to the beats and samples she used, and the sophisticated way she wove them together, it was clear she had much more going on. The bass was heavy and fat, while the little licks and accents were crisp, slick and interesting. While the lyrics and melodies were a little 'done', Rose has the potential to really make waves.


Big Day Out Adelaide Review 2012

Big Day Out Co. has had a fairly turbulent few months as has been well document, but Friday in Adelaide was about trying to putting that to rest with a top show. Their cause was hurt in no small part by the fantastic weather Wayville brought out over the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds for the day – definitely the finest weather for a Big Day Out that I’ve had.


Attendance wasn’t that high, which actually made for quite a good day. The promoters had been saying that Adelaide would be a smaller, more intimate festival, and it did turn out that way. There was no barrier around the singular main stage, which made coming and going from sets quite easy. Unlike most other BDOs, there was no need to queue for the act you wanted to see by listening to the three sets before it. The vibe of the festival was much more relaxed than previous years and it made for a very different BDO. The performances varied, as they always do, but most of what I saw was worthwhile, and I think I could get used to a BDO like this.


Oliver Tank – February 3rd- The Bridge Club, Brisbane

Mingling and drinking with crowd members before his set in an oversized Hawaiian shirt, skinny jeans and Ned Kelly-esque beard; you would have not guessed that Oliver Tank was the 22 year-old producer/songwriter that had just astonished critics and fans alike with his EP release Dreams.


Falls Festival Review Lorne NYE 2011

I touched down at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport on an extremely hot Victorian summers day bracing myself for a fight with the notorious Melbourne fly.  This day though is not like every other day on the calendar. It is NYE 2011 and I am on my way to experience for my first time one of Australia’s most iconic events “Falls Festival”.

Falls Festival

I jump in my Hyundai hire car with a map and a beer and headed off to experience the most anticipated party of the year! Boasting a huge NYE line-up of the likes of Emma Louise, Kimbra, Josh Pyke, The Naked and Famous and of course Brits Arctic Monkeys this had all the makings of being one epic adventure!


Heatwave Brisbane Review

Ok, nobody will be able to convince you that the urban scene isn’t dead but in the last few years some promoters in terms of live performance have been able to get the genre on some cheap life support. Whether it is the big name Supafest or the tiny but taste-tingling Winterbeatz, the genre’s live reputation proves as exciting as ever.



Big Day Out Gold Coast 2012 Review

Celebrating its 20th year Big Day Out’s Gold Coast leg seemed to sport an unofficial dress code of clothing optional for girls and wearing your Dad’s palm tree/geometric shapes print shirt from the 80s for the males. Feeling overdressed in my AAA Backstage t-shirt and denim shorts I set out to see my first act of the day.



The Whitest Boy Alive Review - The Tivoli Jan 19

At 6.30pm there are a few loyal fans leaning on the brick-work outside the Tivoli, waiting for the doors to open.  Three guys walk out of the back gates of the venue, turn around, say hi, snap a photo of us and wander off.  The three guys are 3/4 of The Whitest Boy Alive. This easy-going attitude and clear interest in the people around them is the Berlin-based quartet’s signature, and is reflected in their quirky, wistful and distinctly European electro-pop.

Whitest Boy Alive

Inside, local Triple J Unearthed band, Gung Ho kicked off the night, all skinny ties, skinny jeans and brooding urbanism.  Their raw, surfer-rock sound had the small crowd bouncing, and aside from an early hiccup when their drum kit needed a replacement kick, Gung Ho were clearly excited to be playing their first gig at the Brisbane music landmark.  The boys finished with radio favourite, Twin Rays, full of melodic vocals and wavy guitar.


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