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ELBOW + BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB Review – The Tivoli, Brisbane, Saturday Mar 24th

Tonight is the first of the two consecutive nights of British music extravaganza at The Tivoli and also the third gig of the weekend for this battle-worn writer. A quick sushi fix (hello, subsequent food poisoning!) and a soft drink for some energy boost, and I’m good to go.


Like one would expect at a sold-out event, the atmosphere inside the venue is positively vibrant. As soon as I enter the long-familiar doors, I’m impressed by how many people are intently watching the opening act – who will doubtless be back in Australia headlining their own shows within the next few months. The supporting buzzband in question are Bombay Bicycle Club – a bunch of London lads who have recently been the subject of major global hype.


Album Review: Yukon Blonde - Tiger Talk

The cosmos is chock-full of bands who play endlessly dreary, cry-in-your-beer, why-did-you-leave-me music; tunes likely to send you seeking therapy or reaching for the medication.

Yukon Blonde

Fortunately for the collective well-being of mankind‘s mental health, bands like Yukon Blonde exist to redress the balance and allow the beaten-down music fan to gulp a huge breath of fresh air. They play tight, predominantly upbeat songs about girls and cars that induce nothing in the listener but the desire to dance like a monkey, reach for the volume increase button, or drive along the coast with the top down. Preferably, all three at once. 


We Review The Belligerents – ‘Infatuation’ Single Launch

WHO: The Belligerents

WHERE: Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

WHEN: Thursday, March 22


A sold-out crowd greeted Brisbane indie-pop five-piece The Belligerents at the Black Bear Lodge in Fortitude Valley on Thursday night. Heavy rain meant hundreds of pairs of sodden skinny jeans turned the small Brunswick Street club into a sweaty, humid, yet pumping venue as the local boys unleashed their new single ‘Infatuation’ onto their enthusiastic fans.


Elbow + Bombay Bicycle Club Review - Festival Hall Melb March 21st

WHO: Elbow (UK), Bombay Bicycle Club (UK)

WHERE: Festival Hall, Melbourne

WHEN: Wednesday, March 21

The unexpected is one of the best things about life. A world of predictability is a world of boredom, and a world without colour.


Well, my world was coloured on Wednesday night as I went along to see a band that have found their way into many hearts, but embarrassingly, had not yet visited mine.

Seeing Elbow's show at Melbourne's Festival Hall was one of those gigs that had me kicking myself for not having given them a good listen before.


EP Review: Super Best Friends - Handshake

Super Best Friends are a trio of energetic, snotty young upstarts from Canberra who play catchy, high-tempo, pounding indie-punk tunes, and sound like they could be the soundtrack to possibly the best party ever.


Handshake, their second EP following on from 2009 release Ready Aim Fire, sees the boys from our nation’s capital continue in a similar vein but with added musicianship, better songs and improved production. 


Bon Iver Review- The Tivoli, Bris- Thurs 15 March 2012

There are times in your life when you’re lucky enough to experience something special, but you only fully realise it until after the fact. Last Thursday night was one of those special moments. I wasn’t entirely sure on what to expect from Bon Iver as I prepared for the night with a few drinks at RGs with fellow AAA Backstage contributor Bailey. Expressing that I hoped he wouldn’t be a let-down, Bailey assured me that would be far from the case. Boy was she right (and shame on me for the uncertainty!).


“Did that hurt?” and other stupid tattoo questions

The act of permanently marking one’s sub-dermal layers with ink is one that has ancient roots, and continues to evolve in terms of detail, placement, and sheer skin square-inches. Tattoos are an artistic way to express your blah blah blah…. Everyone knows this shit. Good tattoos, shit tattoos, its all relative. Anchor? Bourgeois cliché. Dolphin jumping over a rainbow? Verging on tragic. Whether foolish or downright badass, sporting tough stickers is a sure fire way to be subjected to the undesired opinions from complete strangers. Ordering drinks at the bar, in Coles, at the bank- Everyone’s a fucking critic.

Aaron Barnett

Ironically, I thought I’d ask the same questions to a mate of mine for an insight to some of the banalities that he faces from nosy little cretins daily.




Better late than never, read Renuka's innuendo-filled review of the Sydney leg of Future Music Festival


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