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JMAC “Proactively Awkward" Review-The Owl And The Pussycat- 7 April 2012

Comedy is a funny thing. Ba-doom, tish!

But seriously, it is a strange thing to watch someone pour out their entire repertoire of party lines on stage for you. It is a stranger thing still to feel entirely underwhelmed by the jokes while the people around you wheeze and choke for air, laughing at the hilarity of the punch lines.


EP Review – Sarah Humphreys – Him


Four years after the release of Sarah Humphreys’ debut album Teapots, Trees, and Lovebirds, the Central Coast songstress has returned with a captivating six-song, home-recorded EP of covers dedicated to all the men who have had an impact on her life, including her father, son, and boyfriends past and present.


The Belligerents Review- GoodGod, Sydney- March 31st


Better late than never, right?

You know those days where it’s not even worth getting out of your pajamas? Well, Saturday began as just such a day. With a head full of cotton wool and feeling like a harbor hooker after a Navy port of call I made my way through Chinatown’s neon lights to attend the launch of creative agency ‘Hand Games’. Pulling together a stellar set list featuring Melbourne duo Oscar + Martin, Triple J favourites The Belligerents and the mind-meltingly in your face antics of the UK’s MC Gaffe E, I tried to pull myself together as I walked into the gloom of hipster hangout GoodGod.


Brian Sezter’s Rockabilly Riot (USA)- Live @ The Palace Theatre 02/04/2012

Thirty years ago, the Stray Cats exploded onto the scene with their rollicking blend of 1950s Sun Studio rockabilly and modern punk sounds. Formed in 1980 by Brian Setzer (guitar/vocals), Lee Rocker (double bass) and Slim Jim Phantom (drums), the Stray Cats quickly gained popularity in their native New York before moving to the UK where they recorded their hit debut self-titled album Stray Cats.


Greenthief Review - Tempo Hotel – Friday 30th March 2012

The sound quality in Brunswick Street’s Tempo Hotel is appallingly bad to the point of being not worth the effort, so it’s testament to the quality of Greenthief’s musicianship that their gig is even half-listenable. A venue not well known for its live pedigree on the Brisbane scene; it’s had more name changes than wipe-downs in the last few years. Not to be worried by the name on the sign, a sweaty, lairy crowd of around four hundred turned up on Friday night to see the Brisbane noise merchants, supported by Aerials, Cherry Dove, and Blackwood Willow.


Greenthief is a band difficult to pigeon-hole. Variously labelled alternative, psychedelic, or hard rock, their mixture of hard-rocking riffs and flowery shirts hint at a possible identity crisis, but the Tempo crowd don’t seem to mind, with many audience members pogoing, head banging, or flailing their arms about in a united display of Friday joy. Three-piece bands need to be tight, and that’s exactly what Greenthief is, with singer-guitarist Julian Schweitzer squeezing an impressively-fat sound from his Strat-Les Paul hybrid, while bassist Tom Abbott lays down a fluid groove. It’s hard to tell if Schweitzer has the lungs for some of the more abrasive hard-rock vocal work or whether his voice is getting a bit lost in the Tempo’s crackling and groaning sound system, but the band makes their point nevertheless.


Enter Instagram and the (possible) death of Photography.

What’s that? You’ve got Instagram? How many followers do you have? Oh wow, that’s amazing, you must be such a good photographer. The mobile application Instagram is at heart a social networking tool to display trivial and menial images of your life so you won’t disappear. It is slickly built, cleverly marketed and a masterpiece of convention to give the user the grand illusion of creativity.


The Boys Review- The Zoo, Brisbane- Thursday March 22


Fellow contributor Yolande mentioned in her Elbow review that “the best shows are often the ones you aren't champing at the bit to see because there is so much room for your mind to be blown.”This sums up perfectly the experience I had seeing The Boys headline Brisbane’s The Zoo last Thursday night.


Evanescence Review Brisbane Convention Centre 26 March 2012

Evanescence has always been about Amy Lee – ‘The Amy Lee Show’ if you will. I mean, the girl can sing, right? After a shake up of the backing bands lineup, Evanescence launched their 2012 Australian tour at the Brisbane Convention Centre. It’s been a long break for Evanescence, and it’s unsurprising that tonight’s crowd seems to range across the generations. Starting off with new song ‘What You Want’ and following it with ‘Going Under’ from 2003’s ‘Fallen’, Evanescence kicked off the show with incredible power; Amy Lee flipping her trademark jet-black hair, decked out all in black like a dark diminutive pixie and displaying an energy that is unchallengeable.


Ms Lee herself has the incredible vocal range and polish of the professionally trained, meaning every song sounded almost exactly like an album track, and she made a good effort at interacting with the crowd during songs, making plenty of eye contact and pointing at random members of the audience from time to time. It’s understandable why the crowd, mostly older than 25, are attracted to the catharsis created by heavy musical elements and Lee’s howl. Clearly, Evanescence are not the sort of band that requires moshing or any kind of brutal displays of enjoyment, so throughout the gig the crowd sort of swayed together with hands outstretched towards Lee like a massive gathering of goth-styled zombies. 


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