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We Interview Adelaide 4 piece City Riots!!!

Adelaide 4 piece City Riots have just unleashed their pop gem "In My head" and are hitting the road this month touring with Brisbane's Ball Park Music. We got the opportunity to catch up with Ricky Kradolfer and talk about the upcoming tour, new single and the Adelaide music scene.

City Riots



Can you give a brief history of City Riots when and how you formed?

My dad used to be a drummer, so we always had musical instruments lying around the house when we were kids. I went from playing Saxophone to drums to piano before finally settling on guitar. My brother Dan now plays drums. There was always music being played in the house, but it was when my dad bought me Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’ record that really kicked things off for Dan and I and we soon started jamming every night.

I travelled overseas for the first time as soon as I slammed my way through a uni degree. While away, I was jamming with lots of different musicians and doing a tonne of writing. When I came back Australia, Dan and I immediately started putting all the musical ideas and lyrics I had into songs. We pretty much went straight into the studio went I got home and started to demo all the new ideas and we started gigging soon after that. We went through a bunch of different keyboard players and guitarists including Luke Godson from fellow Adelaide band, The Swiss before we met Matt Stadler (keyboards/guitar) at a local hangout in the west end of Adelaide one night. Matt was impressed with Dan’s – and I quote - ‘high hat skills’ after watching a City Riots show. Dan was equally impressed with Matt’s hair and thought Matt should be in a band. Incidentally we needed a keyboard/guitar player because Luke Godson was getting progressively busier with The Swiss. As for Matt Edge, we knew him from Sydney band Traps. When the Smashing Pumpkins tour was offered to us and we needed a bass player, he was the first guy I thought of. He is an incredible songwriter and player in his own right and luckily he said yes to joining the band.

2010 saw you guys spend a lot of time in the states touring and playing shows such as SXSW, Aussie BBQ and Filter Magazine's Culture Collide Festival, How was your music received by the US audiences? and do you plan to go back in 2011?

We had spent a fair bit of time in the US in the past couple of years or so. SXSW was an insane experience. It was an overload on the music senses. So many bands. It was a great to be apart of it and all the Aussie BBQ parties and along with the other Australian acts, to be apart of showing Australian music to the world. At the end of last year we were invited to play Filter magazine’s ‘Culture Collide’ festival in LA, which was really cool. We also did CMJ festival in New York and supported Boy and Bear. We have always found the US to be a lot of fun and places like New York are really inspiring places to be creatively. We have found that he audiences really love Australian music and all Australian bands in general and having such a huge population, there are always lots of venues to play. We wont be going back to the US for a little while. We’ve recently finished recording a bunch of songs with Woody Annison (Children Collide, Red Riders) in Melbourne and we’re really excited to be releasing them this year and continue to focus our touring in Australia.

You also toured with Smashing pumpkins, that must have been a great phone call to get. How did you deal with the news?

It was probably one of the most exciting calls I have ever received. We were actually booked to be in the US at the time for Filter magazine’s ‘Culture Collide’ festival and CMJ music marathon, so we had to get a whole new bunch of flights. It was a logistical nightmare. Luckily the pumpkins tour feel just nicely in the 10 days we had between ‘Culture Collide’ Festival and CMJ so we were able to fly straight back into Perth following ‘Culture Collide’ to start the pumpkins tour, then fly straight back out to New York for CMJ just a few hours after the last pumpkins show 10 days later. Luckily no flights were delayed and everything pieced together nicely!

I read on your website that one of your goals is to put Adelaide back on the musical map! What other bands from Adelaide do you guys rate?

Over the past two years or so, there have been some killer bands coming out of Adelaide. Bands like The Swiss, Leader Cheetah have been playing some great bills, putting out great songs and doing some awesome supports. Bands like Mayfield have been doing big things overseas and Southie is a really great new folktronic singer/songwriter who recently put out a beautiful EP.

Has the Adelaide music scene grown over the last 2 years?

Absolutely! I’m always amazed at how many new bands keep popping up, especially in the last two years. There are also really great venues to play here like The Gov, Jive, Ed Castle, Uni Bar and especially now with the injection of some new young Adelaide promoters, there is a sense of excitement about music in this town. Bands that perhaps would have skipped over Adelaide like The Drums, Phoenix and Delphic are now being courted and booked to play here. Two years ago that would have never happened.

On July 1 you released the digital-only "In My Head" How has the response been to the single so far over the last couple of days?

It was amazing. It was such a great feeling to finally get some new music out to people that had seen us recently on the British India tour or who were familiar with ‘She Never Wants to Dance’ or who have just been following our progress over the past year, and could finally have something they could buy. ‘In My Head’ was a track that we had been playing live for a little while now and like ‘She Never Wants to Dance’ it always got a great reaction when we performed it. It was also exciting for us because it was our first release in two years and a part of the lead up to some more releases this year which we can not wait for.

You have an action packed month coming up touring with Ball Park Music. What can the punters expect to see from the upcoming shows?

If the Ball Park shows I’ve seen on youtube are anything to go by, it’s going to be a whole heap of crazy indie rockin’ fun. We have a couple more new songs that we have been working on, that we’re hoping to put into the set. We’re also working on some new options for a cover. On the huge run that we just finished with British India we did a cover of Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’, which went down really well, but we want to do a new one for this tour.

What band is currently on the top of your playlist?

Bon Iver.

If City Riots were an animal, what would it be and why?

We’d be the panda’s at the Adelaide Zoo. Have you seen how much money our state government have put into the ‘Wang Wang’ and ‘Suni’ exhibit?

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