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Get To Know: Hundred Handed

Hailing from mighty LA and with a love for Violet Crumbles, Hundred Handed have smashed onto the scene with their unashamed Summer pop tunes. Before they hit our shores a little later on, why don't you get to know the band and have a listen to their stuff. With the Summer temps on their way we're sure you'll be hooked!

 You've released to the world your debut single Love Me Like The Weekend, what's it's reception been like in your hometown of LA?

Our Moms think it's amazing.

What's a typical weekend for Hundred Handed?

We all have October birthdays, so recently our weekends have been spent celebrating and probably overindulging, but typically we just do whatever seems like a good time. We have all night Mario Kart tournaments, check out new bars and restaurants, write and record in our home studio, take surprise trips to Disneyland, have ultra competitive cook-offs, ride around on our Scoot N' Boogies (what we call our iO Hawks), or just sit on the couch and watch football all day. The weekend is about forgetting your worries and just having fun, which is really the point of our music.

Love Me Like The Weekend is quite a laid back tune, what are your other songs like?

Love Me Like the Weekend is all about letting go of responsibility and not forgetting to let yourself have a little weekend type of fun no matter what day it is. Being the first song we wrote and recorded as a band, the process ended up being a real help in deciding what our overall message would be: having fun and never taking yourself too serious. We came from bands that became too dark or too serious... It felt forced. So when the three of us decided to create Hundred Handed, we decided from day one to just be ourselves and be completely shameless about having way too much fun doing what we love... Like it felt being in our first band. That's where we hope our music takes people.

When you're not playing shows or rehearsing what do you guys get up to?

We all live together, so we spend a lot of our free time hanging out with each other. We like to cook, watch movies/sports/The Voice (Team Blake!), go hat shopping, find ways to compete against each other (pinball, pool golf, Mario Kart) usually with shots of whiskey at stake, go on random trips, pretend to work out... And even when we're not playing shows, we still play a lot of music together. Whether we're writing, recording, or just having fun, there aren't many days where we don't do something musical together.

What did Hundred Handed get up to for Halloween?

All three of us have birthdays in October so it was already a really wild month. But that's no excuse so obviously, we celebrated. Danny Elfman was doing a first ever live performance of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" that Jordan went to. That was cool because Tim Burton is a huge influence on us (you should see our house). Meanwhile, Matt and Drew had a few adult beverages at Roger Room, one of our local haunts (zing!). It's this really cool pre-prohibition themed bar with amazing drinks. Hope there are a few places like that in Australia!

Who are the main influences behind your sound?

We've each been influenced by a wide spectrum of different artists, from The Beatles to Tina Turner to Slipknot. But I think the biggest influence behind our music is the desire to have fun. If our songs don't make you smile and shake your hips, then we're not doing our jobs.

When can Australia expect to be able to catch Hundred Handed live?

Waiting on you guys! We hope to be out there toward the beginning of 2016 and we're chomping at the bit. We've been off the road way too long so we're bringing the party. Prepare accordingly!

How has Taco Bell's Feed The Beat artist development program helped you guys out?

Well... We're now on a first name basis with the dude behind the register at the Taco Bell by our house... Still have our fingers crossed for the debut of the new "Hundred Handed Burrito." But seriously, other than giving the best hangover food, Taco Bell's Feed the Beat program is so cool for bands and musicians on the rise. Taco Bell has such a unique following and is so generous in sharing it through the program.

You guys appear to be big fans of NFL team Dallas Cowboys. What are your thoughts on the Australian NFL Player Jarryd Hayne playing for the San Francisco 49ers?

We're all huge NFL football fans, but Jordan is the only Cowboys fan!Matts heart belongs to the Detroit Lions, and Drew follows the Packers/Seahawks/whoever else he chooses. Jarryd Hayne looked like he adapted pretty well to the NFL, but he can't seem to get any meaningful playing time. It would be interesting to see him do well, because it could open up a lot more opportunities for other NRL stars to try their hand at American football.

Which artists/musicians are you loving at the moment?

We've been listening to the classics lately. We keep our Pandora on the Low Rider Oldies station. We highly recommend it... It'll the bomp in your bomp bah bomp bah bomp.

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