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Interview with Aiden Moore of 'Moses Gunn Collective'

Wrapping up a stellar sparkly year for Moses Gunn Collective, after releasing their debut LP 'Mercy Mountain' and embarking on a national tour, leaving a trail of glitter infused psychedelic funk along the East Coast. We have a chat with Vocalist Aiden Moore and get the low down on latest happenings, Jungle Love and some top secret info - birds the word! 


Hey! Catch us up, what have you guys been up to?

We’ve been taking it easy. Mercy Mountain has been released in the US, and it’s going really well getting quiet a lot of play, so we’re kind of just riding the wave. France really enjoy our stuff to, they’ve been really good to us.  ‘Shalala’ sounds French, so I guess that’s why they like it.

You’ve been drip feeding us singles Shalala, Hot Mess, Back Into The Womb from your LP ‘Mercy Mountain’, was there any strategy to this?

No strategy, we’ve just been giving different songs a push and seeing what people like. It differs from country to country with what songs do well.  The US tend to like the grungy, nasty banger-garage type of songs, like 'Hot Mess', where as Europe seem to like the ‘prettier weirder stuff, like ‘Back Into The Womb’ . That’s a massive generalisation of course, but yeah, it definitely differs.  

You’ve launched a Pozible Campaign to have Mercy Mountain released on Vinyl (very cool), you need to raise $4000, are you confident you’ll reach your target?

 We haven’t really been pushing it; we’d just been letting it sit. If it doesn’t reach the mark, we might have to get our biggest fans (mums and dads) involved. The concept is so great, it just makes sense. If people want it, they can have it; it’s just a matter of paying before you get it. Just cutting out the middle man and delivering to the fans.

Jungle Love Festival is coming up fast, you guys are on the bill and must be really stoked!

Yeah, we played last year and it was awesome, great organisers, really good vibes, the festival attracts the right kind of people. Last year was mental; we’re surprised no one died! It was 40 degree days, with 1 big dam. It’s like everyone seemed to be in survival mode during the day, then  at night everyone just came alive and went completely nuts, so much energy. The location this year should be really sweet though, a lot of shade and dam chills.

Will Moses Gunn be showering any new material on the love crowd?

Well, we have a new keys player, our Guitarist Lewis’ sister Grace, she’s so sassy, and exactly what we need. So we’ll probably just stick to album work. But we’re thinking of getting some interpretative dancers, and streamers. Funk it up a little.

Do you think they’re will be any sibling tiffs?

Lewis and Grace get along really well, so hopefully not. We all live together, 8 of us, and combined makes 8 different bands, somehow. Some are family members, some are romantically involved…it’s a big house.

‘Let’s just hope it stays separate’

Yeah, definitely (many laughs)  

What acts are you keen to check out the most at Jungle Love?

North East Party House, always bring the party, great for a boogie, The Belligerents, Astro Travellers, the line-up is just so big! That’s the coolest thing about Jungle Love, they don’t go for a ‘type’ of music. The organisers always put a sweet bunch of bands together.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

We’re already working on the next album, we’re all always writing stuff, and we have a few songs that we think might be good for Moses. We’re going to be lying low on the show front until early next year though, Jungle Love might actually be our last show until next year! Between the 8 bands, we all kind of tap in, tap out with touring, so it’s a busy time for everyone,  it’s hard to schedule.

So between Orphans Orphans, The Belligerents, Morning Harvey Future, are there any future collaborations in the making?

We have talked about putting on a Mini-festival, get The Belligerents, Moses Gunn, Morning Harvey, Orphans Orphans. But we kind of weaned off the idea, we felt like people could get pretty bored, and it would be embarrassing, walking off, and on the stage, it’s a bit wankerish. 

*Top Secret Disclosure from Aiden*

I probably shouldn’t even be sharing, but Lewis, Sam (Jungle Giants), Grace and I have been working on a project called ‘Confidence Man’. to paint the picture - Fat boy Slim on Crack.  Its pretty much us in spandex, a backing track, synchronized dancing, singing and rapping, that’s all we’re going to do, so yeah, stay tunned.


Catch Moses Gunn Collective at Jungle Love Festival,coming in quicker than Christmas but not as quick as tickets are hanging around! 

Jungle Love Festival

Friday 27th November –Sunday 29th November | Imbil, Sunshine Coast

Make Moses Gunn Collective ‘Mercy Mountain’ LP Vinyl happen!

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