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Interview: Alistar Richardson 'The Cairos'

Yesterday was the day we have finally found time to chat with Alistar Richardson from Brisbane’s lads The Cairos. After almost a whole year of silence, these guys are back on track with a brand new single ‘Love Don’t Feel Right’ as a preview to the upcoming stuff, the Valley Fiesta thing and some Anger Management going on. If this is not cool, Don’t know what is!

Hey there, what’s up?

Hi, hello, yeah, everything’s awesome, how are you?

I’m great, thanks! So, last weekend you’ve been rocking amongst sickest aussies at Valley Fiesta! Personally, I thought It was super rad, and how would you describe Fiesta in your own words?

Oh, um, you know, it was our first show in like pretty much a whole year, our last show was January 1, so it was our first show in ten months! (Laughs) I think, we were all pretty nervous, it was like we were just starting it all over again, you know. So, it was pretty exciting, and I think it’s a great chance to get in front of the crowd. I don’t know, I felt like it was definitely unloading a lot of shackles, we got to play a few new songs, it was cool to see what did work and what didn’t work…I felt like, response was pretty positive, so yeah, it was pretty cool!

It was, like your first gig in, well, a while, yeah! Did you feel all nervous and shaky, or everything was ready and you’ve been sitting there all prep and stuff?

 No, well, I think we were all definitely bit quieter than usual. I think, you know, because we’ve worked on new things, we’ve got some tracks running behind…so, it’s all very nervous and we’ve got a new bass player also, so with getting all that together, you don’t know how it’s gonna go, I guess. But everything worked out just fine, (laughs) now it’s all good.  

Well, obviously, you must’ve forgotten what’s being nervous is like, when toured over the world last year! Can you tell about this awesome around the globe trip?

Yeah! We did put a lot of effort into that for ourselves, you know. We thought rather than just doing standard, going to England or to America, we really wanted to explore different places. Sort of, you know, challenge ourselves, so we played shows in China, Japan, in France and ended up going to Italy as well…yeah! It was an extraordinary experience, there’s a lot of music lovers in the world, and I think you really connect with people, when you go to those countries, where people don’t really get to see much international bands. Like, we might not speak Chinese, but there will be Chinese people watching our shows in China, and afterwards we would all hang out, have a good time…It’s awesome.

It’s so cool! I know lots of Aussie bands that have so many fans in those pretty distant places, or well, China, Asia in general, other hidden spots…It’s so cool that you do the ‘can you please come here’ thing!

(Laughs) Yeah, well, you know, Australia is almost, pretty much a part of Asia, it’s crazy that not many bands do tour there! It’s cheap, so close and really fun as well, you know, rather than going all way around the world. So, yeah, our next step is South America!

So, from all the countries you’ve did gigs in, which one would you call the best experience?

Well, I think one of the best shows we’ve ever had was in Vietnam, actually. We played in Ho Chi Minh city, or Saigon, it was a massive warehouse with 800 people watching, and it was so hot! (Laughs) It was super hot and steamy, we’ve got three encores to play! The people were just having great time, I think that’ll be the show I will never forget for the rest of my life!

Many bands have some sort of rituals before the show, do you have any? Can you tell about it, if it’s ok?

Oh well, our band is almost the exact opposite of ritual, we do nothing the same! Like every show is different, every backstage is different, every song we write, we write it differently! So there’s no certain way…Every song’s written in a different place, with different instruments (laughs), yeah, our band is really the exact opposite of the ritual. I think, our ritual is chaos.

And now about the albums. Your last one really has that “dreamy” shade on it, all songs are somewhat connected, but different at the same time! It’s really cool, I’ve been listening to it for a while! How do you find inspiration for songwriting, music and do you do it all together? Who’s mostly responsible for all the lyrics we all like?

You see, I think there’s no shortage of inspiration in the world, that’s for sure. So many different things to think about, so many sort of relationships with different people. I think, we’ve had a lot of drama in our life, so it’s all like a TV show, like “Bold and the Beautiful” (laughs). Often we would write songs, just letting the things come to us, you can’t forcedly write a song, you’d had to force a song to come, but we really enjoy each other’s company, we enjoy just being creative. I think once one person just comes up with an idea, it sort of gets contagious and everyone can jump on board, change, add things. Because we’ve been doing this for years, you know, when to write a song, like if you’re not able to write a song you know just not to. But if you’re really in the zone and feel like you can lock yourself up for a whole day, you’re really into it, and want to come up with something…It’s important to grasp these moments, when you are in that creative zone and make the most of it.  

By the way, congrats on your new single! It’s a shame I tuned in towards the end of it, but it’s really cool. Is it a sneak to the next album or just a piece you wanted to release by itself?

Yeah, so I think, we’re definitely planning to put out another album. We love writing songs, we love putting it out, so we just thought to put the single out now, you know. Just sort of get our name back out there and stuff, though not just that, we love putting songs out, so it’s just a great feeling to have a song and be able to put it out there. See, I think a lot of our stuff is chaos, it’s always chaos. We sing like we’ve got a plan, but we all keep making it up on spot (laughs). We’ll be definitely putting out a new album early-mid next year!

You know, how they say, best plan is having no plan!

Yeah, that’s us, I think, it’s definitely us. I think, because we’re recording it all ourselves in our studio, so I guess, that gives us freedom to do what we wanna do, we work a lot like that, that’s for sure.

Annd, the last question! Weather has been quite moody lately…Does it affect your way of writing/performing? What do you prefer most: sunny days or gloomy ones?

You see, it’s always different. We’ve written so many sunny, happy songs, sometimes they just cannot go out! Because, I think, well, as with the last album, we wanted things to flow in the mood we were at that point of time. I think, all of us love writing happy, sunny, pop songs as well, so I think, there’ll be more sort of more pop songs out there, but at the same time I love writing moody songs! It’s always about whatever mood you’re in. If you’re in a bad mood, it’s always good to just put out your anger in a sad song or angry song, it’s always different. But I think we wanna spread ourselves a bit, we love having different types of songs for different occasions.

Oh about being angry! About a month or so ago, I had a chat with Ali Barter, you know her? And we’ve talked about letting your angry feeling out and getting it all our there on stage and how good it is, as no matter what you do, swear and shout on stage, you’re still adored!

(Laughs) Yeah, that’s so cool! It’s so much better to do it on the stage then, well, you know. 

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