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Interview: KLP, Queen Of The Disco Nap

DJ, electronic artist and triple J presenter KLP is currently in town for BIGSOUND, but you won’t catch her performing, she’s here as a speaker at BIGSOUND Remixed to discuss the art of the remix. We got to have a chat with her before she took to the BIGSOUND panel stage.

Hi KLP, tells us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from

My name is KLP, or Kristy Lee Peters. I’m from Sydney and I make music, I host a radio show, I’m bit of a jack of all trades really. I write music, I sing for people, I DJ, I can make a good pizza…

Where did it all begin for you musically?

My dad is a musician. I always had music around me. From a very young age he had a studio so I would be in there playing after school and he’d get us to record things for TV commercials. It was such a natural thing for me. There was never a time when I didn’t want to do it [make music].

Do you have a process when it comes to putting a song together?

It changes, but generally I will write a song when I’m highly emotional, either really happy or really sad. If things are all just plodding along, it’s really hard to find things to write about. It will either come from a concept or something that happens and then melodies and lyrics are the first thing that I go to. Then it depends if I’m producing it myself or someone else is, because that can dictate what happens next.

With collaborations, is there any difficultly when people have different ideas?

Yes, definitely. It’s not so difficult if you are collaborating with someone for your own music, like for a KLP track, because at the end of the day you get the final word. But if you’re collaborating with someone for their track, that can be hard. You compromise and you learn to understand bits that you won’t compromise on and bits you can be not so precious about.

You’ve had around 14 million plays on Soundcloud, congratulations!

That’s a combined number, it’s not just on one song unfortunately. But side note: imagine if that related to money in some way. The plays are from my own songs and songs I feature on. It helps when you have things like JAGUAR from What So Not, I think there’s a few million plays on that. I just wish all those people knew my original music too, but hopefully that will change soon.

You recently put together the triple J House Party Mix for the second year in a row. How was that process?

Nina did the first two years and when I took over House Party last year I didn’t know if they were going to continue it. It’s pretty cool, they just let you do your own thing, unless you choose songs that are really inappropriate. I’ve built up trust with them. It’s so cool, I grew up listening to triple J, now have a show on it and I’m making a CD for it and I’m picking the songs!

You recently finished a big national tour with Gold Fields and just started the KLParty tour. How is it going?  

The tour with Gold Fields was my live show, so all my original music which was great because I got to test drive it a little bit. Now I’m on the KLParty tour which has just DJing so I get to play music from other people that I like. And Terrace is doing this one with me. We’re two shows in.

How do you survive on tour?

You go a little bit crazy but then you learn to sleep when you can. I’m really good at disco napping. Sleeping for an hour or two before you go to the club. Go for dinner, go back to the hotel room and disco nap. The first five minutes after you wake up are hell but you’re thankful the next morning you had those few extra hours. I always have limited sleep in my own bed on tour, I saved up last year to buy a really nice bed but now I don’t get to sleep in it.

Is there something you know now that you would have loved to tell yourself 5 years ago?

Maybe just to be a little more patient. The world isn’t going to explode if it’s not done today. Sometimes things take time.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of people, like Slumberjack, Young Franco, Gold Fields. Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you would love to?

I’m just going to aim high and say Pharrell Williams or Madonna. I don’t know what the song would be like if it was for Madonna these days, but it’s Madonna! In Australia, maybe some of the older house people, like Bag Raiders.

Who on the BIGSOUND line-up are you excited to catch?

I’m really keen to see a lot of the female acts because I always feel like at festivals there’s never enough female acts. But when I was looking through, there are so many playing at BIGSOUND. A few that I’ve had twitter relationships with but never gotten to meet. Like Olympia, she’s got this amazing song that doesn’t sound like anything else in Australia. I can’t wait to see her.  

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