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Interview: Lachlan Caskey ‘Last Dinosaurs’

There’s only one day left until Brisbane indie-pop rockers Last Dinosaurs release their highly anticipated second album “Wellness”. We had a quick chat with the Dino’s lead guitarist Lachlan Caskey about recording their sophomore album and aiming to becoming successful investment bankers.

Congrats on the success of the new singles and we’re loving the video for Apollo. How has it been touring the past couple years, any stand out shows?

Thank you and thank you! Well, the past year has been pretty quiet while we’ve been writing/recording, but prior to that we did a lengthy Asia tour which was so much fun it seems like a dream. One show we had at 'Black Market’ in Manila was definitely a standout. We were only there for 36 hours maybe, but they were jam-packed pure craziness. Ranging from a hyper enthusiastic audience to entering an establishment renowned for ‘midget boxing’…

How was the recording process for ‘Wellness’ and working with Scott Horscroft?

It was luxurious/over-indulgent, intimidating but ultimately awesome. Scott has been someone we’d all known about since early high school because he produced one of our favourite bands Mercy Arms amongst others, so it was truly awesome to actually work with the man/big dog/legend/producer himself. He’s a very intense, intelligent but fun loving dude. He admittedly made my legs tremble with the fear of god a few times during the process but he’s got a warm heart so we always ended the day on a good note. Jackson Barclay the engineer is also a fine gentleman who was a pleasure to record with, just had to say!

You’ve spoken about how touring has made your connection with the crowd a lot stronger, what has been your favourite fan experience so far?

Ummm, I suppose so I think Sean must have said that. However, one thing which blew our minds was that a couple who lived in Los Angeles came all the way over to see us play in Brisbane and Sydney. I’m kicking myself for not meeting them because I feel like we’re indebted to them now. I hope it was worth it guys!

From “A Million Years” to “Wellness” what do you feel has changed/matured/grown, sound and lyrical wise?

Well Sean being the primary songwriter, I can only speak for the sound. But I think our music has just matured, as you would expect it too. It still retains an ultimately poppy quality to it but some of the songs just sound a bit more serious and are written about stuff that we didn’t think about four years ago. The title track Wellness is probably the most far removed from the first album. I’m inept at explaining music verbally, so I’ll leave it up to y’all to hear the progression.

You’ve said that “Wellness” was written very sporadically on the road, what’s the strangest place you’ve had an idea for a song come to you?

I’m not sure how it was done since Sean did everything on it but that’s probably true. I think Sean is in an almost chronic state of song writing so I think ideas would come wherever, whenever literally.

What’s your favourite track on the new album?

Probably Take Your Time.

You’ve toured quite a lot internationally, is there anywhere you haven’t been that you’d love to visit and play?

The U.S for sure. We’ve missed many opportunities to go but it’s just never worked out logistically/financially. It’s just a crazy huge place with so much of absolutely everything going on! I can’t wait for the day!

What are your plans for the next couple of years?

Well I think we'll make our millions then start our careers in investment banking by 2017 hopefully. Music is boring.

Last Dinosaurs album "Wellness" out Friday 28th of August.

Last Dinosaurs “Wellness” Album Tour Dates

Friday 25th September

The Triffid (U18s Matinee)


Friday 25th September

The Triffid (18+)


Thusday 1st October

The Corner (U18s Matinee)


Thursday 1st October

The Corner (18+)


Friday 2nd October

The Gov (Licensed All Ages)


Friday 9th October

The Enmore (Licensed All Ages)


Saturday 10th October

ANU (18+)


Saturday 17th October

Rosemount (18+)


Sunday 18th October

Jimmy’s Den (U18s Matinee)


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