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Q&A: Aidan Moore 'Moses Gunn Collective'

We had a chat to the legends from Moses Gunn Collective ahead of their album launch tomorrow (that's the 7th of August for those of you living under a rock to chat about inspiration, birth & death and the tight knit family that is the Brisbane music scene.

 Q) Let’s begin early. What inspiration do you take from legendary African-American actor Moses Gunn, your namesake and (perhaps) muse?

A) Moses Gunn was a bad ass actor illuminating such roles as Shaft and Cairon in The Never Ending Story. He was a pioneer and broke down a lot of boundaries for African-American actors in the 70's and that's cool by us. There's just somethin' bout that name.

Q) Brisbane loves a supergroup, don’t you think? It’s kind of like an extended family reunion where it’s okay to kiss your cousins.

A) We're all for cousin kissing! Especially in this special little town. I think Brisbane is full of "supergroups" out of necessity. There aren't so many players so we all just play together. There's also a heap of songwriters here so everyone just shifts into different inbred bands.

Q) The obvious question is where you find the time for MGC, considering your hefty list of other commitments (Orphans Orphans, The Belligerents, The Furrs, Morning Harvey, The Family Jordan)?

A) These bands make up one big family. We all eat together, sleep together, jam together, etc. We're all really good friends and constantly in contact so it's actually not too hard. We're probably better at it then we used to be...

Q) It must be hard sometimes to find cohesion in the recording process considering the different influences and styles you all bring to the table, while also wanting to carve out a separate identity for Moses Gunn?

A) Moses is the grandaddy of the family bands so now there's a very clear vision for the sound. We managed to make Mercy Mountain very cohesive by recording it all in one remote session which I think really helped the sound of the album. We are constantly writing and demoing at our home studio and usually we focus on the song first, make it as solid as we can, then find the home for it which is usually pretty clear early on.

Q) You sing about two completely different ends of the living spectrum, birth and death, in two of your previous singles (‘Back Into the Womb’ and ‘Shalala’) and arguably you draw the themes of life and death together with ‘Ghost Life’ off your Morning Shakes EP. I guess my question is… why so morbid? Is it a theme you’ll be returning to in Mercy Mountain later this year?

A) Yes we'll be going right back there on the record, as well as a lot of other places. I'm not sure why these themes appeal to me when writing but I think it's because they are so relatable - two key aspects every human has to deal with and can understand. When you wrap these heavy themes in the glitter of a glam banger something special happens. Whether that's morbid or not is up to the individual, I usually find it uplifting.

Q) There’s something almost rock-operatic and certainly grandiose about ‘Shadows’, the last cut from Morning Shakes. Will the upcoming Mercy Mountain LP have a mix of long and short, and shift between rock and psych as your previous releases do?

A) I think Mercy Mountain is a lot more succinct than any of our previous releases. There's a unified 'feel' on the album and the songs roll into each other in a really dynamic way. There's still variety but there's definitely more focus and a more refined sound. Something like sub-tropic-soul-psychedelica.

Q) Who is MGC stoked to see and play with at BIGSOUND 2015? Why’s BIGSOUND so important to the local and national music scene?

A) Donny Benet!!! That's one hunk of a man and we can't wait to meet him. Bigsound's great for local bands to get a leg up and brings a sense of legitimacy to the local scene.

Q) Which past Australian Idol contestant would you take with you on your upcoming Mercy Mountain East Coast Tour if they were the only musician available to tour with you and why?

A) Hmmm I've never really watched it what about Delta Goodrum? She can bang a pianny right?

Q) (Very very important)- Where is the best burger in Brisbane?

A) My housemates Spen and Sira make the best burger I've had in Brisbane complete with home made brioche bun and Spen's special sauuuce.


$5 on door

$10+bf presale & $12 on the door


 $10+bf presale & $12 on the door


$10+bf presale & $12 on the door

$10+bf presale & $12 on the door

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