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Interview: with Brooklyn 5 piece ArpLine

Our intrepid reporter, Alice Gomes, recently had the chance to catch up with Brooklyn 5 piece ArpLine and spoke to them about their music, the band and the re-release of their LP 'Travel Book'.



ArpLine’s sound is definitely different from anything ever heard. It may have a small resemblance to other bands but the overall is unique, which brings us to imagine: what is the favourite band of each one of you? What is your biggest inspiration?
Adam: Initially I only listen to guitar based music featuring challenging lead guitar.  Megadeth’s “Rust In Peace” was a huge source of early inspiration.   After getting NIN’s “The Downward Spiral” I started to become interested songs as a whole instead of just bitchin' riffs and killer guitar solos.  Reading Trent Reznor interviews got me exploring a lot of his influences.  When I got my hands on Bowie’s “Scary Monsters” I found it to be perfect combination experimentation and pop.  So in summary: Thrash Metal, NIN and David Bowie.

Oliver: After a few teeth cutting years of punk and hardcore, my interest in concert and experimental music took over. In general, I dig the more progressive side of indie-rock, especially 70's kraut stuff like Tangerine Dream and Harmonia. Synthesizers > acoustic guitars. Put on Mahler or Messiaen and I'm happy.

Nathan: I've been all over the place with my music tastes since my friend gave me my first tape, Sir Mix-a-lot's "big butts." I've been a jazzhead, a Motown guy, and even studied chinese music in college. I also saw ramstein live in concert once.
Michael: folk --> punk-rock --> jazz --> 60s pop!

Sam: Bowie - Eno - Harmonia - Echo & The Bunnymen - Nine Inch Nails

It’s very easy to find different reviews and critiques about ArpLine.  What is the idea behind your music? Has anyone ever gotten the idea?
Very few.  Most people try to place us within the confines of their own musical likes (however limited they may be).  It’s always a pleasure to hear how people with more mainstream tastes will categorize us... they see a synth they think coldplay.  It’s like telling a swing band they sound like cannibal corpse because a guitar bass and drums are featured.

Music reviewers have dozens of words to describe ArpLine music style, instruments and effects. How do you describe it?

Interesting Rock.

People are normally pre-programmed to hear, act and live in certain ways, which includes categorizing music. Do you believe that ArpLine can fit any existing music category (e.g. electronic, trance dance, house music, etc)?
The best categorization we’ve heard is Industrial/Psychedelic... but even that can be limiting.  We’re not pretentious enough to believe we’re totally reinventing the wheel... but we’ve been lumped into some pretty lazy categories... I particularly hate being associated with any genre that includes the word “dance.”

As we can see from tabloids a band environment is not always successful. How does everyone in the band get along?
TMZ would be brimming with content and if they were to ever get a peak into our fascinating, dangerous lives. The moderate drinking, netflix streaming and video game playing would kill lesser men.

ArpLine’s album is called ‘Travel Book’. Would you say that the music suggests a trip to the unknown, a discovery of a new concept?
Travel Book is about death.

This Friday, May 13th, you are re-releasing the ‘Travel Book’ LP. What are your expectations for the show?
Re-releasing the album on a f13 makes “Travel Book” feel like the Jason Vorhees of LPs.  Back again.  This time it’s physical.

Some musicians never actually stop writing/composing/working on new material. Is that ArpLine’s case? Can your fans be looking forward to new material or are you guys taking a break at the moment?
There is never a lack of new material.  What makes it past quality control is another story...  We’re currently working on a new release for release and potentially re-release in the near and distant future.

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