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Q&A: Allday

You would have had to work hard not to come in contact with Melbourne rapper Allday in the last few months. The 23 year old MC has racked up over 90000 Facebook likes and 150000 views on his Triple J Like A Version cover of INXS’s Never Tear Us Apart. His debut album Startup Cult was released last Friday to a number two spot on iTunes album charts and the man himself has taken time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about the album, intense fans and his foray into stand up comedy.

Q: How did you come up with your Like A Version? And how did you feel after you finished the performance?

My manager suggested it actually. I was finding it hard to think of any songs that weren't early 2000s RnB. After I finished it I was a little worried about a bit of pitchy singing I did, but I think we did a decent job considering I'm not really a singer.

Q: What's your favourite thing about the new album?

My favourite thing is that it's not corny. I think I struck the right balance between Pop and Hip Hop. In fact it's probably more dark than I wanted it to be in parts, but it's a very honest record and if it's dark then so be it.

Q: You've said that if someone is too broke to download your album then they have your permission to torrent it, what's the reasoning behind this?

Because I'd rather someone hear my music than not hear it! Maybe if they like this album a lot they'll buy the next one. I think 'buying' music is probably on the way out, so I don't mind how people acquire it.

Q: Can you tell us more about your bus ride tour to launch the album? What are you most excited about?

We took some fans on buses in Sydney and Melbourne and played them the album start to finish. I was on the bus and we basically just hung out and talked shit. It was a lot of fun. Next time I think I'll try to get a cruise ship and do a harbour cruise.

Q: You've exploded in popularity in that last couple years, has anything changed for you in terms of your day to day life?

Well for one thing I don't have to work a shit kicker job anymore. I'm a very lazy person when it comes to basically everything except rapping. I hated working and I hated studying, so making a living from music was really the only option for me.

Q: As I was watching your Like A Version I was trying to place where I knew you from and then it clicked. You were in RAW comedy in 2011! How do you go from stand-up comedy to hip hop? And do you think your experience in stand-up helps your lyric writing?

Oh you saw that, that's rad! I was rapping before that, like I'd already released an E.P at that point. I think doing comedy & rapping do have their similarities and that's why I had to choose one. I decided to go with music because it felt more natural for me.

Q: Its obvious from your social media that you've got a great repour with your fans, have you had any crazy experiences with fans?

I've had a lot recently. Getting the car mobbed on tour was pretty crazy. Today I replaced my iPhone at the Apple Store and at the very end of the transaction the 'Apple Genius' said "Can I have your autograph?", and pointed at this random bit of paper. I was like "What the fuck, why do you want me to sign there?" then I realised she was a fan. It's been weird as lately.

Q: And lastly, after the albums released, what's next for Allday?

Another album, world domination, rehab, all of the above.

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