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Interview: Hey Geronimo

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Pete from Brisbane indie-pop outfit Hey Geronimo ahead of their takeover of Trainspotters on July 12th. It's going to be an amazing night filled with good times, some of Pete's absolute favourite and Brisbane's coolest underground bands and, as Pete pointed out more that once, cheap beer. 

So Hey Geronimo is taking over trainspotters, what’s happening with that?

It was an odd one. The night’s been around for about a year, but just recently Bill and I have started going there every Saturday night. Then we were like, hang on we’ve been here like seven weeks in a row without fail because this place is so cool. We were like wouldn’t it be cool to play here, actually it would be better if we put on a bunch of nights and played at one and then just hosted nights and put on bands that we like so that when we come here on Saturday nights we can hear bands that we like and get everyone else to like and have a great time and we’ll all live happily ever after.

Why did you pick the headliners?

Well the first one was a no brainer because they’re one of my favourite bands, My Own Pet Radio. I absolutely love My Own Pet Radio and an album that Sam released under that a couple of years ago is dead set one of my favourite albums but absolutely no one has heard of that band so it’s kind of a case of shouting from the rooftops, “everyone needs to hear this band, come and hear this band play.” As for the second, again, they’re a bit of an underground Brisbane band and we’re going to be announcing a second headliner pretty much the day after the first show.

Do you expect a big turn out? 

I don’t really know it’s a pretty good walk-up crowd as it is. We’re just trying to put together a line-up that anybody who goes will leave the night and go, “You know what that was a great night. Free entry, cheap beers, I loved all those bands”, the idea is for everyone to leave the venue and have three new favourite bands.

What’s your favourite thing about the Brisbane music scene at the moment?

To be honest, the reason we’re putting on this night is probably this venue. Once the Troubadour closed and that scene sort of evaporated and the club scene came onto the block, which was all about you play and the people in the audience were just waiting for you to finish so they could go clubbing. This venue is kind of going back, there’s no stage it’s just you in the corner, there’s cheap beers and everyone is there just to see the music. That kind of venue has really been lacking on the local scene, so it’s really cool that that’s coming through. There are definitely a few bands that have started to emerge in the last six months, like The Creases and Babaganouj who are more grungy and hip. A different scene has started to emerge and it’s really cool and really healthy for Brisbane music.

The new Hey Geronimo album is written, when do we get to hear it?

We’re just trying to negotiate studio time at the moment. We spent a lot of time writing something that could be an actual album rather than an EP where you’ve only got four songs to bash people over the head with as many hooks and crazy melodies and just good times as you can. We understand that that’s not really going to cut the cheese on a record, it’d be too tiring to listen to so we’ve really been trying to craft something that will stand up over forty-five minutes. There are a few ballads and few slower tunes. At this stage we’re going to be trying to release a single in a couple of months, doing a tour or two and then the album will come out at the start of next year.

What sort of sound are you going for? Is it comparable to anything or anyone else?

To be honest, and this is going to sound really dumb, but as far as song writing we’re trying to model it on The White Album. What I mean by that is at one point in The White Album, Helter Skelter comes on and it’s loose as and then it finishes and Long Long Long comes on which is the exact opposite song, they couldn’t be more different. That’s the sort of song writing world we’re going into. As far as the production stuff, it would be leaning a little bit towards the Lazer Gun Show type episode that we just finished the last EP on. We want it to be pop and we want it to be big and hifi, but it’s going to have a bit of a grungy feel to it as well.

The film clip for Girl Who Likes Me has been out for a while. Has it gotten a good response? What was it like to film it all in India? 

That one’s great, everyone loves the clip. It was a wild time in India, we were really happy to get the call up for that. It was bizarre because it just couldn’t be more different to Australia and the place was loose. They loved having us and we loved being there. We got to play at some really big festivals and that was fantastic and we made a lot of new friends and new fans. We actually wrote a song there which we’ve creatively titled India because we’re so inventive when it comes to that, there were a few other options and they all sucked so we just called it India. 

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