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Feature Interview: The McClymonts

Ahead of the release of their new album Here's To You & I tomorrow, we had the pleasure of getting to know the lovely McClymont sisters. 


The album that’s coming out is your first in two years, what’s in store for fans?

We have been writing the last two years and a lot’s happened in that time. We were on the road doing an acoustic show and then we had a bit of a break because Brooke had her daughter, Tiggy, so we were able to experience life a bit more. Brooke had the baby, Sam got engaged and Mollie went through a bit of heartbreak; so we had a lot of material to write about. This album is full of personal stories and experiences. We really love the emotions that this album has created. It’s the first album that we’ve actually recorded in Australia, so it was nice to actually do one at home. 

Do you think the sound reflects that? You have an Australian producer for this one; do you think the sound is different?

He’s done a lot of pop music so for him to come and work on our record he brought a lot of cool elements from that side that he’s used to working with. He used a few American Nashville players. It sounds Nashville, it sounds awesome. It’s the beauty of technology these days; you don’t really have to leave your bedroom if you don’t want to. Everything can be done with the click of a button – it’s great!

You said that it’s more of a pop producer, were you trying to get those sounds into the record to appeal a bit more to the mainstream?

We love all sorts of music; you know we love pop, country rock. The McClymont sound for us is our three vocals so as far as getting a particular sound goes, we’re pretty easy going  - it’s all about the lyrics. We didn’t care what genre it goes into, but with us it’s always going to be country because of our harmonies and a few country instruments.

You had the break and babies and so on - can you actually pinpoint songs that are about each specific thing?


We’d all sit down and write them together. We’d just talk about things, like sisters do, and then we’d write a line and go “did that actually happen?” or “was that the way it really was?” and then we’d rework the line so that it was very honest and true to the story.

Were there ever any tiffs?


Being sisters we know each other so well and as singer songwriters we take our own creative licences and everyone takes their own meanings from the songs. If we start getting stressed with each other we know that it’s been too long on the road and we just need our own space and a break. We don’t live with each other anymore so we have our own lives. We just need that separation sometimes.

The album is released on Friday, are you guys scared, nervous, excited?

We’re more excited. Everything’s happening at once, as that same day we start touring. We’re kicking off in Sydney at The Basement. So we’re rehearsing as well as trying to get the word out about this album. It’s pretty crazy right now.

How long is the tour for?

This one is just twenty-two dates and then we’re going to announce more in a couple of months.

What have the shows got in store? Anything special?

Lots of new songs and a few different band members. Last year we did an acoustic tour so we’ve brought back the band and it’s just a very energetic show. Lots of fun!

You’ve mentioned that you’d like to do some festivals?

Yeah we’re doing the Gympie Muster, we’re actually the ambassadors this year. We’re also doing a new Sydney Country Music festival, we’re heading up to Mt Isa for the rodeo. So we’ve got lots of cool stuff planned.

Do you ever see yourselves playing any of the more mainstream festivals, like Splendour in the Grass?

We’d love to if they’d put us on. We’ve played Blues and Roots twice and we’re definitely not opposed to it. It’d be fun.

What do you prefer playing, festivals or your own shows?

We like a bit of both. It’s just great to always be playing in front of people - we get a buzz out of it. It is kind of nice to have them spread out; it’s good to do a few runs of your own show and then throw in a festival. It’s a nice break and good to do something different.

If you could put your new album into a sentence, what would it be? I give you about seven to nine words.

A sentence? I don’t know. Can we have another question?

The best McClymonts album you’ll ever hear… until the next one. 

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