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BIGSOUND Interview: Major Leagues

Major Leagues

Half of Major Leagues gave us the full scoop of happenings on the first day of BIGSOUND, including behind-the-scenes secrets and embarrassing road trip tales.

You guys have got some pretty great shows coming up, with a bunch of exciting bands – The Preatures, The Holidays, Beach Fossils – if there was any Australian band you could play with, who would it be and why?

Current Australian band? Probably Violent Soho. They’re incredible dudes. So lovely, especially Luke with his little baby. They’re actually super helpful people, they’ve helped us out on many occasions.

I’m guessing you’ve been to a fair number of their gigs before?

Oh yes. We try to go to as many as we can. Vlardy, our bass player, told me that Violent Soho were the first band she ever saw – she was 15 and it was at Rockinghorse [Records]. That would have been crazy.

With the previous question, if we could choose a not-current Australian band, it’d probably be The Go-Betweens. Or The Saints. Or Custard. Do we have to choose one?

Are you going to be seeing Robert Forster later on, then?

Absolutely. One of our highlights. I think Scott and Ross are playing with him? Two of the guys from John Steel Singers are sort of fronting his backing band. I think they played with him in Melbourne, plus he helped with their album. He’s a pretty cool dude.

Anyone else you’re keen to see while at BIGSOUND?

Well yeah, The John Steel Singers will be very good to see, as they haven’t done anything in a very long time. The new stuff is sounding incredible, but even seeing the old songs would be fantastic as it’s just been that long. Bored Nothing, aswell… the girls [of Major Leagues] are going to be helping out with backing vocals for them. I think tonight is going to be a really busy night.

Why do you think BIGSOUND is such an exciting time in Brisbane?

We’ve come to BIGSOUND the last two years, at least. Brisbane’s not a huge city, and it’s the only time of the year that you get to have such an incredible number of bands playing at once. Plus we get to catch up with our friends – you get to see a whole bunch of your friends’ bands, plus international acts, which you might miss if you’re on the road, in the case of those of us in bands. It’s a great chance to take stock of what’s happening. Plus international contacts that you wouldn’t make otherwise.

What about conferences? Have you been interested in attending any of those?

We went to one on the state of the music industry. Plus one on giving interviews. You’re doing very well, by the way. That was hosted by the editor of Rolling Stone, that was cool. They were talking about bands that were starting off, gave us a great insight. We’ll see what’s on tomorrow.

So after BIGSOUND, what are your plans?

We’re releasing a new single at the end of the month, Silver Tides, and then our EP comes out at the end of November. It’s mastered as of yesterday, just polishing off the artwork. But it’s sounding great - we’re very excited. We’ve been working on it for a very long time. Besides the supporting spots, we’ve got a few things happening in November which we’re yet to announce. So stay tuned. But you’re going to love the single. We’ve been playing it live for some time now. It’s one of those songs that will stand the test of time [laughs].

How do you prepare for such lengthy time on the road?

We’ll be readying our livers [laughs]. No, we’re thinking of flying this time to save the hassle. Last time we drove and we’ll probably never drive again. It was 11 hours. There was 5 of us in the car, so no room. I think driving over the Harbour Bridge it was, my battery was on the way out. We were ill. There was this sulphur smell. We pulled up to the hotel at about 3 in the morning, just determined that we weren’t going to stop, and the battery was smoking out. I researched it on Yahoo answers – my battery acid was boiling, and it could have exploded at any time. So we very nearly didn’t make it to Sydney. Flying is a good thing!

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