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Feature Interview: Asta


It’s been a few months since we caught up with the one and only ASTA here at AAA Backstage, but this week we were lucky enough to touch base with her to chat about her new band, her upcoming Synergy tour and what we can expect from the young star in upcoming months!

So we caught up with you when you were last in Brisbane at Track and Field, where you did an awesome set! What have you been up to since then?

Oh thank you! Yeah I’ve been working on quite a few things actually, mostly just focusing on my music, writing heaps and collaborating a little. I finally got my band together which is awesome. Last time you guys saw me it would have just been me and one other guy on stage, now I have a whole crew and a bigger sound! 

Tell me about your band and the process of sourcing musicians and putting it together?

It was really weird, actually; I kind of met this guy through Twitter when I was in Sydney for a show. I replied to him and we met up for coffee, which was cool because I didn’t really know anyone! Anyway, he was in the industry and said he could hook me up with some people he knew and it kind of went from there. He’s now my bass player!

Let’s talk about your upcoming Synergy tour you just announced; this is your first headlining tour! You must be excited!

I’m so excited! I don’t really know what to expect at all but that’s okay. I’m really looking forward to playing my new songs for people who have actually gone out and paid money to see me.

What made you decide to do underage gigs in each capital?

I know I have a lot of young fans and I would hate to exclude them. I’m not far off 18 so I remember the days of not being able to see my favourite bands play, or not being allowed to do gigs myself for that matter, and it sucked.

I love the music video to “I Need Answers”! How was it shooting that?

Thank you. Yeah it was great, I really loved it. We used a local Tazzy company, it was very low budget but so fun. I just love music videos because I’m a very visual person and am very passionate about visually matching my music. When I was thinking of a theme for this song I thought a lot about colours and I loved the idea of midnight blues mixed with the ocean for a very mystical and whimsical feel.

How was the tour with Birds of Tokyo?

Yeah it was really amazing because it was my first big show! I just kind of jumped at the opportunity. I mean, I didn’t even have a band at the time I committed to the shows but it went really well.

Your music has such a unique sound, what do you think shapes it?

I think what’s shaping my music at the moment is the people I work with. It’s really being influenced by my producer and obviously it’s changed a bit now that I’m working with a band having come from a more electro sound. It all starts with my acoustic guitar and then the melody comes in, but I’m still in love with that raw acoustic sound combined with a simple synth line to make it more modern. 

What is your overall goal when you’re making music?

To write music honestly. I want people to feel and acknowledge the honesty in my music and to just forget their worries and let go for a while! I just enjoy performing so much, so I guess my overall goal when I’m making music is a combination of making people happy and doing what I love. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Realistically, I’m going to keep chipping away at an album. It might take a while but that’s okay, I would prefer something I’m really happy with and proud of than something rushed. I have some potential singles at the moment and, of course, I’ll be jumping on the summer festival band wagon, I can’t wait for Falls!

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