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Interview with Howl, Ballarat 6 piece


This year Howl have released their thrilling debut EP (which was recorded in 2 days and went on to yield three radio singles), and follow up ep Brothers in Violence. They have toured relentlessly impressed at festivals such as Groovin The Moo, Field Day, Queenscliff Music Festival and managed to record a video clip for $21 which then went on to knock Justin Bieber from the top position on the Channel [V] most requested charts.

This week we go backstage with Daniel Marie, drummer for the six piece rockers from Ballarat, and talk about life on the road, tour stories and whats next in 2011.



1.    Tell us how and when the band was formed and how the name Howl came about?

We were all really good friends at High school and we would play covers for lunchtime gigs and school assemblies.  Then from there one of our teachers suggested we start a band and start writing our own music and everything just really fell into place from there.

We got our name from when we were all chilling out and listening to Aaron Carter and Beastie Boys at about 4am and then a giant Sasquatch came on the T.V. and started screaming gibberish.


2.    In 2009 you won the Triple J High competition, what did winning this competition mean to you all and how has it changed you lives?

Before we one the competition he hadn’t played many gigs in a couple of months and we were really just focusing on our schooling. But then after we one the competition we got management, a booking agent, we had heaps of Airplay and everything just started to snowball from there. Before we won, we were all planning on going to Uni, become Doctors and Lawyers (except for John who was just planning to work at Maccas forever) and now it’s just really a dream come true and we hope to able to do this for the rest of our life.


3.    You have recently released your ep "Brothers in Violence'" what has the response been like to the new ep so far?

The response from the new EP has been incredible. Just after we released the first EP we were juggling between writing another EP or an album, and we all think that we made the right decision with just going for the EP. It feels that we have matured so much more as a band from the constant touring, writing and watching other bands that we have toured with, and learning all they have to share. And I am hoping that when we release our Album that we get an even greater response.


4.    You worked with producer Paul 'Woody' Annison on the Brothers in Violence ep, what was it like working with Paul? What did you learn from him?

Woody was an absolute pleasure to work with on the second EP as he was so organized and knew exactly what type of sound we were after, so it made the recording process really easy and fast. As Woody is also Children Collide’s TM we learnt a lot from him, not just in the studio but also out in the live music scene. I think the biggest thing we learnt from Woody is how to party. That man is still going on strong to the early hours of the morning just like he is 18 again and I don’t think we will ever forget the numerous times on the tour we would finish partying with Woody as the sun was coming up, and he would still be ringing us up telling to come back to his hotel for more beers.


5.    You just finished touring with Children Collide, what was that experience like and can you give us a tour story?


To work with the Children Collide boys was incredible as they are such legends and are so professional yet fun when they perform live. We also took a lot away from their management company and guitar tech “Woggo”. Everything was so well organized and planned so that as soon everyone would finish working we would all pack up really fast just so we could all start sinking the beers with Woody.

Tour stories

In Byron we had a bit of a bender one night and we all just got destroyed on one of our days off and one of us ended up on the roof of a surf shop trying to rip a plastic surfer dude off the roof.

Partying with Woody just makes a couple of stories on their own. In Sydney partying with Woody until we got kicked out of a nightclub and then about half an hour after we got home getting about 5 slurred phone calls from Woody saying for us to come over and have more drinks at his hotel room. And after we walked all the way there sure enough woody didn’t answer the door, god knows what he was doing.


6.    When your not playing music or touring, what does the band like to do away from music?

We pretty much just hang out together, play Nintendo 64 and listening to Music when we are together but we all have sports and other hobbies away from music like Michael plays rugby, Lachlan is a pool shark, Galen lifts weights, Tim makes furniture, John does dancing and I just practice rehearsing the lines to all Kevin Bacon movies.  


7.    With two EP's and great reviews in 2009 and 2010, is there a plan for an album in 2011?

Yes, we do hope to record and release an album by 2011 and we are all starting to Demo songs now in the hope that it will sound kind of like a wilderbeast getting mauled by a leopard while playing a harpsichord, that is definitely our biggest influence.

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