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We Interview Violent Soho

After signing with Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label in 2008, Violent Soho have shared stages with iconic bands like Dinosaur Jr, Built to Spill and The Bronx, showing that they may be headed for iconic status of their own. Enduring overseas conquests and a steady trajectory to international recognition, the prodigal sons of Brisbane return home with their ferocious sonic assault, playing at the 2012 BIG SOUND Music Conference. Presenting agonized screams, super fuzz distortions and sludgy melodic guitars reminiscent of early 90’s punk-grunge, Violent Soho embrace and restructure the ethos without disregarding the ethic that ideally follows from such influences.


You guys just signed to I Oh You Records, congratulations! How has your new family been treating you? Thanks Heaps! Yeah we are stoked, great label and they have welcomed us with plenty of partying and Drunken debauchery. Johann rules and we have been mates with DZ since way before they were DZ so it’s going to be a fun family to catch up and get fucked up with.


Tinderbox and Neighbour Neighbour are the two new tracks on your 7” vinyl, released on August 27th- How long has it been since the band recorded together? Has your process changed this time around?

It’s been a while, maybe a couple of years. I mean we have been recording demos but nothing we were preparing to properly release. The process of recording never changes much, after being a band for almost 8 years now we’ve done it enough to just get in there and get it done. What was different (and tougher) this time around was writing. After all the touring it was hard to sit down and get going again. The band had become better, and we picked up a lot on new influences. The problem is you start to second-guess yourself – a lot. In the end it’s just about work – creating ideas and playing through them. The best thing about this band is we’re not scared to throw shit out. If we’re not feeling it, we just ditch it and move on.


What are you thoughts on the emergence of bands such as DZ Deathrays and Dune Rats and the recent revived spirit of 90’s stoner pop coming out of the Brisbane music scene? Brisbane’s music scene is kicking ass at the moment. There is a ton of good music coming outta this city. The Dune Rats dudes smoke weed properly (all day, every day) so we get along with them and DZ Deathrays have always been a favourite. We used to play with them when they were called Denzal and then DZ. Couldn’t be more proud of DZ Deathrays. They totally rule. It’s really cool to see so many good bands coming out of Brisbane/Queensland.


The music industry always parallel new music to established bands, how did you feel about the comparisons a couple years ago when the hype and equations to Nirvana were been kicked around? Haha, well yeah its pretty weird to say the least. We never took those sort of comparisons very seriously. We love Nirvana but I mean who doesn’t? I guess because we know exactly what we are listening to and being influenced by. Plus comparisons are really outta your control when approaching music honestly so we never really had a problem. Also we knew we were just dudes who liked smoking weed and partying from Mansfield and we weren’t really trying to do anything more than get to tour as much as possible. Our band ended up going far beyond any of our expectation and we are stoked.


After playing around the world and touring with massive acts, do you at time miss playing Fat Louie's? It still smells weird, but as a venue that rigorously supports emerging indie/hardcore bands, it’s pretty important to showcase bands that might not otherwise have had a start.

Na we don’t miss it because we still play it. We played it in January this year and opened for our mates band Dick Nasty. We grew up playing there with DZ Deathrays and I think it’s a super rad venue to have in Brisbane. Its free entry and when we first started playing there you could get 3 tins for $10 bucks, so everyone used to just get fucked up all the time. It ruled and still does. They always have good bands playing there and I think they have the same deal… it’s just $12 bucks now.


Okay, name the best bar in Brooklyn and the best bar in Brisbane. Or even somewhere that feel like home to you. There was a couple of really good ones in Brooklyn. We always used to go to The Charleston because they gave you a free pizza with any drink purchase. My favourite would probably be Pearls in Bushwick. They just play mad punk rock all the time. In fact I set my hair on fire there last week (whilst there on holiday) and stunk out the whole bar. But that’s why I love it. In Brisbane there is a few good bars opening up these days. Ric’s is sort of an institute here in Brisbane and our bands entire ambition was just to get a show there. But these days I really like Crowbar. It’s a good Rock n Roll sorta bar. Also The Hideaway is pretty cool. Nice and low key with great beer selection. As for feeling like I am at home I just can’t go past The Mansfield Tavern. It’s where we grew up and I remember sitting out the front whenever bands came and played there. No Doubt played there on there Tragic Kingdom tour and I sat outside and listened to the show.


Who are you keen to check out at this year’s Big Sound conference? Steve Earle is the opening key-note speaker, I’m psyched! – Fuck yeah! Pretty sure Steve Earle is a highlight for everyone. Um, here is a list of bands we will be watching, Straight Arrows, Flume, Bearhug, Velociraptor, Gung Ho, Step Panther, Super Wild Horses, Jeremy Neale, Loon Lake, Eagle and The Worm, The Delta Riggs, Emperors, King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard, Drunk Mums.


And finally, after the heart-rendering demise of the Tijuana Mama, you should find something equally as gross to be your band mascot, maybe a dirty sock or something… Bahahahahaha


Martina Bailey Pitrun - AAA Backstage


The critically acclaimed and fan favourite BIGSOUND Live festival has grown yet again 2012, with 120 killer bands playing over 12 stages in 2 nights.  Tickets are available from oztix for $45+bf (1 night pass) or $69+bf (2 night pass).

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