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We Interview the Beards before they play BIGSOUND Live


People without beards have a lot of explaining to do…

Forming in 2005 to perform one show only in their hometown of Adelaide, The Beards are four tireless wizard-like crusaders who strive for change, selflessly encouraging the men of Australia to grow out their beards. To date, they have recorded three successful full-length studio albums and extensively toured Australia, gaining themselves a strong national fan base amongst both the bearded and clean-chined. Despite the subject content being exhaustedly repeated, The Beards strong-man/beard-folk aesthetic is a wholly unique concept backed by remarkably talented musicians. Along with the promotion of the bearded lifestyle, The Beards are performing at the 2012 BIG SOUND Music Conference, dismissing any excuses for shaving because after all, to shave off one's beard is an insult to God - who, incidentally, also has a beard.

Note: If I never write the word ‘beard’ again it will be too soon.

For the uninitiated – and particularly the beardless – which songs of yours would you point towards as best portraying the “pro-beard” aesthetic? Could you share with us your group mission statement?

The track that best encapsulates our message is 'No Beard, No Good' – from our second album, Beards, Beards, Beards. Our mission is to provide a voice for the bearded man, and to elevate the status of the beard in a predominantly clean-chinned society.

Your music style varies from song to song, how do you determine what style fits with the aspect of the beard you wish to sing about?

When we write we aren't consciously trying to write in any particular musical style, but we are conciously and sub-consiously trying to convey just how important it is to have a beard at all costs.

Apart from the surprisingly overwhelming amount of songs you can write about beards, what artists inspired you when writing the music for Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard? Will you keep to the folk-rock manner in the future?

We weren't just inspired by bearded artists when we were making that album – we were inspired by bearded people in general – inspiring historical figures who have flown the bearded flag and made a real and lasting mark on history. People like Charles Darwin, Father Christmas and Don Bourke.

Who would you love to convince to grow a beard, your white whale if you will? I imagine someone effeminate, like Kevin Rudd or something…

Convincing any one person to grow and keep a beard is the ultimate victory for us, and we see every clean-shaven face as a blank canvas – a potential beard. There's not really one specific person who is in need of a beard more than anyone else, but I'd like our nation's legislation changed to make it compulsory for Australia's Prime Minister to be bearded at all times.

Does your music sound better if the listener has a beard?

When you have a beard, everything sounds, looks, smells, tastes and feels better. So yes.

Other than your band, who is your dream team beard band? Alive or dead? Gerry Garcia has got to be in there somewhere….

Billy Gibbons on lead vocals and guitar, John Williamson also on lead vocals and guitar, Cat Stevens on keyboards, Reggie Watts beatboxing, John Entwhistle on bass, Kram on drums... and all of their songs would be about how great it is to have a beard.

What are you thoughts on workplace/job-interview discrimination in regards to beards?

That's one of the key issues we are fighting against, and it is a very real and serious issue. We would like to see the situation completely reversed so that people without beards are heavily discriminated against not just in job interviews but in day to day life as well.

Do you ever grow tired of beard questions? Perhaps I can ask you for your opinion on the situation in the Middle East? Actually, they grow pretty good beards there too…

We never get tired of beard-related questions. In fact, being bearded, we never even get tired at all. There are some great beards happening right now in the middle east right now.

And finally, do you have a personal message for the fat cats at Gillette?

It's over Gillette. You're finished.


Martina Bailey Pitrun - AAA Backstage


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