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We Interview Bitrok!

With a debut album out and a (cancelled) performed Weekender, Renuka from AAA caught up with Bitrok for rider talk and all things party.


You’ve just released your self-titled debut album, how does it feel to finally have it out there and what was the process like putting it together?

It feels great to finally have it out there & getting feedback from people getting to listen to it for the first time. The process was something we had no idea what kind of task we were taking on, definitely the most effort either of us have ever put into any other task in our lives, its really cool to watch the whole thing grow though.

You’ve been touring the East Coast and you’re about to hit Playground Weekender, what can fans expect from a Bitrok show?

We were really looking forward to Playground Weekender, damn mother nature sometimes! We had a really cool live set planned out which we had been rehearsing for the past few weeks, hopefully people will get the chance to see it in the near future somewhere else.

Do you prefer playing the club scene or the festivals?

Tough choice when either are really going well, probably festivals still as they’re a bit of a rarer thing and more random adventures tend to happen at them which I love.

So backstage what will be on your rider?

A case of beer & bottle of jager would put smiles on our faces

You collaborated with an impressive list of people on the album including N’fa, Rupert Keiller and Scott Horscroft, which song off the album was the most fun to record and why?

Probably Satellite Disco with N’fa as it was such a quick productive session, that man is a freak. We just played him the instrumental a few times over & he went in & nailed it, layers & all. Dave Amphlett laying down the drums was another session where you just sat & watched in awe of them.

What’s been your favourite thing about touring and have you got any crazy stories?

Plenty of crazy stories but not many that should be shared here haha, there was a time we started playing right after a Corroboree

You both played in bands before starting Bitrok, what was it about electronic music that interested you?

Well for me it really all clicked at the my first Chemical Brothers concert, it was a concert that was so different to every other thing I had experienced in the rock band world, sonically & visually it was just next level.

What’s it been like touring together? Do either of you have any annoying habits?

We always manage to have a laugh which is important & try to get out & do as much as we can in any city we visit, the morning after gigs is always a trying time & we have come close to missing flights on more than one occasion.

Best album to play to get you in the mood on a Friday night?

Depends what you’re getting in the mood for haha, always popular lately has been SBTRKT, you cant got past Toto’s greatest hits either to really get the party started

You’ve got some big name fans in the industry like The Crystal Method, Meat Katie, Elite Force and Rennie Pilgrem, how did it feel to have your peers following your music before you’d even released your first album?

When we first started making music these were the guys we looked up to so when they started playing our tracks we were amazed. It seems like such a long time ago when all of that was happening & our music has changed so much now its hard to say whether they are still into what we do. Definitely still nice getting recognition from people we respect like that.

And finally, if Bitrok were an animal, what animal would you be?

A deer…. I have no idea why though

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