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We Interview The Cairos


With their "We All Buy Stars" Australia Tour already underway, we interview The Cairos about life on the road, getting fined for riding a dinosaur and their new EP "Colours Like Features". Keep your ears open for the single Shame available to buy on March 9th.

What's been the biggest change in your music since you guys formed in 2008?

In 2008, we were all about 17 and straight out of school, so I think you draw inspiration more from what you hear on the radio or television/ Internet rather than the lessons we would learn from relentless touring and playing with other bands. I also think we've formed more of an identity as a band since all those years ago.

Can you you describe the kind of processes that went into creating your EP , "Colours Like Features" and was there any track that was particularly hard to put together?

During Pre production there was a little trouble with a song called Yeah No. We didn't actually have any lyrics but the label and the producer thought it was great. So right up until the vocals were recorded, little notes were being transcribed and melodies figured out!

What are some of your favourite tracks on the EP and why?

My favourite is a song called Lena. There is no great complexity to it, it's actually all one note throughout the song, yet it felt the most natural to write and form with the band. The lyrics are straight to the point and taken reference to a strange week last April, during which coincidentally I was fined for riding a dinosaur.

And can we expect a sneaky single? Or perhaps even another EP sometime soon?

A new single will be out March 5!! So soon, so sneaky! Recording for another album will take place before the end of the year !

It was the first SLAM Day not too long ago - did you guys catch a show or play anywhere?

We were actually in Sydney for SLAM day and we ventured out to see a show at the Annandale which was great! Papa vs Pretty, Cabins, Palms, we loved it!

Which Australian acts are your favourites to go watch live?

I think going to see friends bands who you love and you know are going to go places is the most enjoyable live experience. That and watching Kimbra's drummer!

You've toured with the like of Julian Casablancas, Powderfinger, You Am I, and you're going to be going on tour with Blue Juice very soon - who was the act you learned from the most and what was it?

In terms or learning the most I think Powderfinger really taught us a lot about musical relationships and sticking together, particularly Ian Haug who we love to chat to and who always has time for advice and encouragement !

It's rather common that artists write songs about life on the road, do you find touring contributes a lot to what goes into your songs?

I'm not sure about direct influences, but generally after we have done a long tour, certain melodies and ideas start floating around and usually we like to record a bunch of demos, some of which end up being played on the next tours, it's a big cycle!

What is one thing you'd tell the public about life on tour that they'd never find out?

Hmmm well normally you'd never find out we stop at opportune moments for some fishing, or that we all have foot fetishes and are constantly sucking each others toes..

If the band could be any kind of animal, what would it be?

Big fat king of the beach walruses!

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