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Ahead of their appearances in March @ Rumpus Room on 9th March and at Davies Park Market on the 10th March. Christie from AAA turned the mic on Love TV's enigmatic hostess, Aphrodite (artist Rebecca McIntosh)!

Have you got any other concepts you might consider adding to Love TV?
I would love to host dinner parties in public spaces and have the participants filmed and their larger than life images projected onto the buildings that surround the space. The dinner would have invited guests but also seats reserved for participants that would be passing by. The conversation would fill the space of the city with laughter and also the opportunity to challenge conversation and thoughts.

You're taking Love TV to New York later this year, how very exciting, what are some other places you'd like to take the concept?
New York is massive as we are presenting the work throughout the five boroughs, engaging 12 separate communities, in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and of course Manhattan. The cities’ communities are so culturally diverse it’s like you are doing a tour of the world via those islands.

Exploring the notion of love internationally has been one of my big goals so I would also love to take LOVE TV to places like Bombay, Dubai and Johannesburg.

How would you like to see the concept of Love TV evolve from here on out?
LOVE TV is about celebrating the diversity of experience through love and that everyone's story is valid and important.

I would love to create a broadcast opportunity to host my own TV show so we can get these stories to a broader audience. At the same time I would like to find all the Aphrodite’s of the world, a Chinese Aphrodite, an Icelandic Aphrodite, a Sudanese Aphrodite and have them capture the love stories of their countries.

What is the most rewarding aspect that comes with working on Love TV?
Often I  feel really humbled when someone is really honest and opens up their heart and shares their story, it feels like a very generous act. I also get to have a good laugh as well as we have a lot of fun on the show, it’s all spontaneous so you never know what’s going to happen next, I like that feeling of being in the moment and just rolling with what comes.

You've had some very colourful guests like Noel Fielding of the Might Boosh series, John Safran and even Rutger Hauer - who have been some the most memorable so far and why?  
Well all those people you mentioned were great to interview, Noel because he is just so gorgeous and engaging, Rutger because he started off saying “his love life was none of my god damn business” and then he ended up telling me everything about his 25 year marriage. More recently I had an excellent interview with Andy Bull at Woodford who gave a very heartfelt personal account of his relationship with his partner who had been very ill. I also recently had a great chat to a Rwandan refugee dance troupe called Imanzi who explained how the power of their music comes from their ancient language that they use when they sing.

Was Love TV inspired by the Teletubbies?
No, it was more the Big Pineapple where I got married.

There was a quote in a 1998 movie called, Playing By Heart, about how talking about love is like dancing about architecture - have you found this is the case when interviewing your guests?
Thomas Moore once said that conversation is the orgasm of the soul, and this is what the work is about.  When people share something they love, their faces become alive, their pupils dilate and we can feel their passion, it’s invigorating!

Would you ever hand the microphone over and let a guest interview you?
My work captures genuine moments of human exchange.  In order to capture this moment it is important that I am the ever-listening goddess... often it does translate into someone asking me questions about myself.  I do love it when my guests and the audience engage in these interactions as my work is all about spontaneity and sharing these very precious moments in a public space.

If you could choose anyone to interview you, who would it be?
Of course Parkinson the master, I would love to be interviewed by him!

If you could be an animal what would you be?
In Chinese astrology I am a Rooster which I relate to as I have a big crow and love to wear fabulous feathers.

And if Love TV could be any animal, what would it be?
LOVE TV is a cross between a snake as it is ever evolving and shedding its skin in renewal and a mollusk as it’s that cosy little clam you can feel safe and warm in.


Questions by Christie Delizo- AAA Backstage

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