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We Interview Jack Carty

Jack Carty is one of Australia's premier singer songwriters. We here at AAA Backstage have been huge fans of this unique talent from the start. Jack is currently touring on the Sailboats and Storm tour and will be hitting Brisbane's Beetle Bar tonight!!!

Jack was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule and speak with us about the tour and the pending new album "Break Your Own Heart".

Jack Carty

It seems that 2012 will be a defining year for you, with a new album set for release and already a performance at Woodford Folk Festival. How was that experience?

Woodford was one of the best festival experiences I’ve ever had. To play at a festival with so many great artists and such a diverse range of punters was a real pleasure. Making the new record Break Your Own Heart has been an amazing experience. We had a lot more time in the studio for this one, I feel like it’s a much more musically ambitious album and I’m really excited to get it out there and tour the new songs.

If you could choose a festival to perform at, what would it be and why?

The Glastonbury festival in the UK, because I haven’t made it over to England yet and if you’re going to go, you might as well go big!

With the album “Break Your Own Heart” set for release soon, what can we expect from this album?

Conceptually it’s pretty dark, the songs are very personal and cover a pretty dynamic and pivotal year. Lyrically its still very story driven, I definitely think its more expansive musically and I experimented much more with my vocal range and guitar sounds. I worked closely with a trio too, and I feel like it’s given the recordings a raw intimacy, which has added a whole other dimension to the songs.

Where did you draw your inspiration from, for this upcoming album?

I had a big year, both musically and personally with a lot of really polarised sometimes-simultaneous ups and downs. I did more touring and played more shows in the last year then I ever have and that has had consequences, both good and bad. I drew on all of theses experiences while writing Break Your Own Heart, its pretty personal but people have really been connecting with the songs at the shows and I’m really proud of it.

What is the meaning behind the title of this album?

I think it’s something everyone does at some point in their life, sacrificing one love for another.

How have you enjoyed this “Sailboats & Storms” tour so far?

The shows have been amazing, I’ve really noticed an increase in people singing along to the songs from One Thousand Origami Birds and the new songs seem to be really connecting too. I feel very lucky that I’m able to do this, nobody pinch me in case I wake up!

Are you using this short tour as a live preview for the upcoming album?


If so, how has the new album been received by Australian audiences?

There are a couple of videos floating around on youtube of me playing some of the new songs live, and its been amazing seeing people singing along at the shows before the albums even come out! It’s comforting to see people relating to such personal songs, I think it just goes to show we’re all having a pretty similar human experience underneath it all.

You have already conquered most of Australia, and North America (and Texas); are there any new countries that you are planning on touring this year?

I don’t know about “conquered”… But I’d really like to go over to the UK and Europe before the year is out…Ireland has a really vibrant folk scene that I’d love to check out as well. But at this stage I’m just really looking forward to the Australian album launch tour in April.

You are known for your “barefoot” performances; what is the story behind this?

It started so innocently, I just like to wiggle my toes while I play but somehow it’s become a bit of a thing… Maybe one day I’ll play a show with shoes on just to really freak everybody out!


Question by James Diamond - AAA Backstage


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