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We Interview Fearless Vampire Killers

Sarah from AAA got to chat with Fearless Vampire Killers ahead of their National Album Tour in March!


How did the band start?

We were four young bucks seeking a legitimate tax deductible front for our fledgling 'imports' enterprise. When the fuzz got too close and the pan hot enough to roast more than a few kernels of youthful confidence we called it a day and fell back onto this little venture. But i fear i may have said too much...

How did the name "Fearless Vampire Killers" come about?
It was Christmas 2005 and once again someone was too darn cheap to spring for the 'proper' bonbons. When Sean and I each yanked our respective sides of the cracker all that popped out was a stale sherbet bomb (which we halved, thank you very much) a paper Yamaka, and a little note that just said 'The Fearless Vampire Killers'.

How would you describe your style of music?
Our favourite description, though it isn't ours at all, is 'Surfer-Billy'. Because it sounds cool. I think we personally find genres a little silly, preferring to focus on quality rather than colour.

What was your reaction to having "For You & Me" on 90210 in America?
The best thing was finding out which of our friends have secret obsessions with 90210. It's OK guys, be proud. I personally can bore you senseless with pointless facts about WW2 fighter planes and 70's Formula 1.

What influences did you have when writing the album?
That album is basically a Fearless greatest hits from the last seven years so it's influences are really quite varied. There's alot of stuff about our collective angst with relationships in our late-teens right through early-twenties righteous indignation and into our current mid-twenties aloofness.

What distinguishes you from other Australian bands who perform in the same genre?
I guess we have different songs? Once again we don't really focus on the context, just the content, so I struggle now trying to think of who would fit into whatever genre we are. I suppose that may let us be a tad more original perhaps? But then again I wouldn't really know because I'm a bit of a wanker. You decide.

Are you looking forward to the national tour?
Hell yeah. We've been doing the tour thing for a few years now so we have a nice little network of friends to catch up with. We're also quite keen to be playing our own shows so I'm sure we'll be bringing our finest moves and melodies.

What should people expect to see and hear on the tour?
We'll be sliding into town blaring our loud music with our flashing lights to claustrophobic crowds. So I guess it's like being abducted.

What are some of the highlights and lowlights of touring?
Well the highlights are obviously the places and gigs. The lowlight would have to be airport security. I get checked EVERY TIME. I must admit though I do get a little bit of sick pleasure watching the face of the X-ray operator drop when my pedals go through. Calm down buddy. Remember your training...

What is the funniest thing that's ever happened when you've been on a tour or at a show?
I can't tell you the funniest things. My mum could be reading this.

If the band were an animal, what animal would you be?
The Honey Badger, because it's fully sick and badass. When the little trooper gets bitten by a snake it takes a nap, wakes up perfectly fine, and eats the snake. That's a handsome metaphor for life I think. Or a really frustrating church sermon...


WORDS Sarah Wykes

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