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We Interview IOWA

Christie from AAA caught up with the IOWA boys before the launch their second single Panic Attack at The Tote on February 22nd.




So the new single Panic Attack, how do you hope it'll be received by punters?

Well we hope! We first played Panic Attack live last year it was the song that received the most feedback so we’re hoping that that will translate into punters downloading the single! We’re pretty excited to release it as the 2nd single, Its the most “upbeat” song that we have but in saying that it works well in context of the track listing for our album.

People want to know what goes into a record and how it all comes together - What were the hardest/more enjoyable parts of getting the single/album together?

Overall this was a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience without too many hardships. We always knew that we wanted to record an album but it always seemed like it was unachievable. We nailed 13 tracks in two days recording all live to tape so the actual memories of the tracking days are a bit of a blur. We had rehearsed solidly leading up to the initial tracking sessions and went into the studio focused to ensure we put the best possible live performance. Once all the initial instruments were down, sitting back and hearing all of the songs played back was pretty amazing. Also experimenting with different sounds in the mixing stage was great, coming up with parts that you previously didn’t hear in the songwriting process.

What can people expect from your upcoming album Never Saw It Coming, in April?

A good representation of how we sound live, recorded on tape and pressed on limited edition 12 inch Yellow vinyl! 10 different tracks that hopefully will make for a cohesive listen with a couple of bonus downloads

Can we expect to see a big tour coming up? Nationally/ internationally?

We’re in the process of finalising tour dates to launch the album in the eastern states throughout May. Fingers crossed we could make it overseas at some stage!

You guys came in 8th on Mess & Noise's "Best Newish Band" reader’s poll, in amongst the likes of Kimbra, Lanie Lane, Oscar & Martin - were you expecting any accolades at this stage of the band's life?

That was a great and unexpected. We all read Mess & Noise and it we were amongst some great company, in particular Yis, Baptism Of Uzi & King Gizzard.

What else are you guys working towards?

Ensuring that we put on some great live shows, hopefully pick up some international supports and work towards writing songs for a follow up to “Never Saw It Coming.”  I think a EP pressed on 10inch vinyl could be the next step! That way we would have releases on almost all formats of vinyl! A plexi disc would be incredible! Maybe I will look into that!

If you could work with anyone dead or alive, who would you be most interested in working with?

I think Jimi Hendrix would be a good one to work with on guitar tones and riffs!

Complete Control and Panic Attack, great singles, can you tell us if you can sneak out one more just before the album release?

We might give it a go! A 3rd film clip is in talks at the moment, who knows maybe a 4th & 5th after that! Break the usual release format for independent bands!

If you weren't playing music, what would each of you be doing instead?

Paparazzi, See question 10!

Tell us something about the band that we can't find out online?

I once made $500 selling a photo I took a photo of Rachel Hunter (Rod Stewarts ex wife) to the Herald Sun!

If the band were an animal, what animal would you be?

Gorillas. They seem like they would be a pretty rocking live band and would up loud and hit the drums hard!



WORDS Christie Delizo- AAA Backstage

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