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We interview Inland Sea!

We got the chance to catch up with Jeremy from Brisbane's very own Inland Sea and chat about BigSould live, touring and the upcoming ep!


Inland Sea is a ten-person band! How many cars do you take while on tour? And who drives?

The short answer is as few as possible. When we went to Sydney in February, we took one big van which only just fit everybody in. Due to the nature of ten people confined in a small space for two thousand kilometres, we're still unsure whether we'll try that again. For some reason Al decided to drive most of that and then proceeded to lose his mind.


Do you think having a large and diverse band helps to create the sound you’re after?

We started out with the idea of a big choral, orchestral sound but that's constantly changed and updated. Nowadays the sound is really determined song-by-song, by both the songwriter's idea and what the individual instrumentalists decide to bring. There's not really a central idea of what we should sound like, because we all work together to mold each song into something we're all happy with.


Explain how you go about the songwriting process in inland sea?

Each song is usually written by one member, and when they're brave enough, they show it to the rest of the band. From that point on, the song is in everybody's hands and lots of ideas get thrown around and discussed and argued and the yelling begins and then there's lots of crying and hugging. Sometimes we need to call an ambulance but that only happened a couple of times. Each song takes months. MONTHS.


One of your fans on your website, Clare gives a perfect description of your debut EP, Traitor, released last year, she says, “It gives you a feeling of such joy, like endless summer holidays, lying in the sun and drinking with friends.” Is this the way you see your music being enjoyed?

I never heard that, and now I am really happy that I did! If that's the feeling people get from our music, I think we must be doing something right.

Since the release of Traitor, Inland Sea seem to have gone from strength to strength, you’ve played Laneway and Playground Weekender, as well as winning an International Songwriting Award. Is all this just ‘part of the plan’? or has the experience come as a surprise to you?

There's a difference between plans and hopes. Our plan was basically "write songs, play shows, see what happens". But we always hoped that things like this would come our way, as we all really believe in what we're doing. However its always a surprise when these things actually do happen!


You’ve just recently played at BigSound Live at the Zoo in Brisbane, how important do you think events like Big Sound to young artists like yourselves achieve great things?

Very, very important. We got some great things out of our Big Sound experience which wouldn't have been available at all otherwise. The fact that new and young artists get a real chance to play to industry heavyweights gives everyone that much more opportunity to do what they love as a career.


Inland Sea is preparing to release the second EP in this month, what should fans expect?

Four songs that we put a lot of love and effort into. They're quite different from each other, so its hard to sum up. Its a bit grand and a bit rocking and a bit sweet, lots of dynamics and lots of melody.


You are currently touring with The Rescue Ships and Jackson McLaren. How is the tour going and are there any tour stories you can share?

We had our first two dates last weekend and let just say we're going to have to be slightly more disciplined for the next few shows... the second night involved lots of bleary eyes and manic sleep-deprived behavior. We're currently seeking a Berocca sponsorship deal.


If Inland Sea were an animal, what would it be?

I'm a biology geek and just discovered that the Portuguese Man O' War jellyfish is not one organism but a colony of thousands of tiny organisms, all working together! What I'm trying to say is that Inland Sea is not like that. We're more like a bear.

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