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We Interview Lee Griffin & The Triple B

Lee Griffin & The Triple B will be launching their album "Plums" at The Tempo Hotel on September 24th. The night starts at 7pm and it's free to get in so be sure to catch this exciting band! We got the opportunity to catch up Lee before the upcoming launch!


1. Who makes Lee Griffin & The Triple B?


Greg Conder plays drums, I do singing and half the guitars, Gina Horswood also does singing and some percussion-y bits, Jason Millhouse looks after the other half of the guitars and Dom Spooner looks after bass.


2. Your an upcoming Brisbane band, what do you think of the music scene in Brisbane?

Wonderful. It's a great environment to grow up in. I don't think I've encountered a single arsehole in the entire time I've been playing music in Brisbane, which is coming up to ten years-ish. Everybody seems to be supportive of everybody else's cause, which I reckon is exactly how it should be. We all individually put way too much heart and soul and time into our projects to not warrant that kind of respect, even if you're not into whatever the other persons' sound might be.


3. How did you/are you breaking out in the industry in this town?

Via constant AAA email interviews! We're still scheduled in for the next few weeks in a row, right Mat? Ha!

We're just talking to as many people as we can, trying to build a network of good friends and followers on Facebook, and beyond that we're shooting a clip for one of our songs "Ride On" in a couple of weeks. We'll stick that up on YouTube when it's done and maybe try and get it to Rage etc.


4. Your music sounds very Folk Rock, for people who haven't heard you before, how would you describe your sound?

We've never been called folk rock before - so I am definitely adding that to the pile. We like a whole bunch of different music, but essentially we're a guitar band. I love guitars. Fell hard for them when I was about 19 and never stopped since. I'm into alternate tunings and all that shit. I still love it that I can pick up a guitar and play an E chord or whatever and just enjoy that sound. Then stringing a bunch of chords together and trying to make your own thing and then maybe even getting a tune out of it is even better. But thanks for the folk rock tag, I might quote you on that if that's OK?


5. You've been working on your upcoming album, Plums, for 6 months, what was the recording process like?

Incredible. When we started out, it was purely just meant to be a document, something to show for all the years of gigs and writing music etc - but during the process I began to believe in it more and more as we went along - and so decided to release it. I'm really quite proud of it, I'm proud of all the effort poured in by my friends. They devoted lots of time and energy into what felt like a very self-indulgent process from time to time. And now we've all had this Plum baby together. Sticky stuff!


6. The album launch is coming up on the 24th of August at The Tempo Hotel, what kind of performance can Brisbane expect from you guys?

We're going to play the whole record, and Gina and I will probably do a few acoustic duo numbers to honour our little acoustic thing that we've been doing for the past 18 months. Also, we've got a pretty cool second act concept which will hopefully be all finished off either today or tomorrow. I'll have to email you about it.


7. do you think it's harder for musicians to get a break considering the quick and easy access to free music downloads?

Probably, but if it's all about looking for a break then it's probably the wrong motivation for doing music. I also reckon free downloads might actually be HELPING the transfer of music around the globe, even if you don't receive yer 99 Apple cents for it.  Cos on the flipside, there's things like JJJ unearthed - who offer free downloads, but their DJs will trawl the site and play cool stuff on the radio anyway - although they haven't played us yet, to my knowledge. We're probably not cool enough. SHIT WHAT IF WE'RE NOT COOL ENOUGH!!??!


8. where can people interested in hearing your music and supporting your band, buy your album?

Well come along to the launch at Tempo Hotel on sept 24, it's free to get in. EVERYONE'S INVITED!

Folks can buy a copy of Plums there, or of course at iTunes, but they should friend us up at if they would like to hear a few samples of our Plums. And they should just friend us up anyway. Come and drop us a digital hello/poke.

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