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Upcoming Free Gigs in Brisbane For July

Whilst massively popular music festival Splendour In The Grass might be occupying many a gig-hopping music lover's attention as it lurks right around the corner, we put together a list of upcoming gigs in Brisbane with no entry fee. Because let's face it, if you bought a ticket to Splendour, you're likely completely broke. And if you didn't, well you're probably broke too, otherwise you would have bought a ticket. 

There used to be bountiful options for the standard stingy and/or broke Brisbaner who wanted to check out some live music for free on the weekend, however, the tides have changed recently, with most new venues charging an average $10 entry fee for all gigs. These venues, such as The Brightside, The New Globe Theatre and The Underdog, have largely taken over the live music market in Brisbane, leaving scarce options for those of us counting every dollar. However, near fear, because there a handful of small bars offering free live music.

Boss Moxi - The Bearded Lady, Friday, July 18

Jazz garage group Boss Moxi have already completed a residency at The Bearded Lady, which they will commence a second time round this Friday - meaning their first shows must have been pretty stellar. The group are joined by psych rockers Luno and dream pop group Mega Ogre. If you can't make it to this one, Boss Moxi will return to The Bearded Lady on the second last Friday of every month for more free shows.

Dom Miller - The End, Friday, July 18

Dom Miller is a prominent figure in the Brisbane music scene, known for managing several popular bands and for being a member of the Brisbane group Rocketsmiths. Rocketsmiths are no longer around, but that's hasn't stopped Dom Miller from making music. Think indie folk with plenty of heart, which is a perfect match to The End's cosy interior.

Various Artists, Eat Street Markets, July 19, 20, 26, 27

Apart from small bars like The End and The Bearded Lady, another good place to check out some free live music is the markets. The Eat Street Markets run every Saturday and Sunday evening with free live music and a host of other fun activities. This weekend sees Fat Picnic, a funk, reggae, soul and hip-hop hybrid, play what is sure to amount to a high energy set. 

Watch Your Step - Black Bear Lodge, Saturday, July 19

It's not a gig, but we thought we'd put it on the list anyway because it's a fun night to be had and the music is absolutely sublime. The Watch Your Step DJs have been bringing the best of mod, soul, rock and garage to Black Bear Lodge for many years, and this Saturday is no exception. No CD's, no iPods, just pure vinyl all night long.

Calrissian, Yellowcatredcat, TV Dads, Singles - Grand Central Hotel, July 19

Trainspotters, a free live music night held at The Grand Central Hotel, has grown over the past year into a much appreciated opportunity for cheap drinks and a generous round of free entertainment on what would otherwise be an expensive Saturday night in Brisbane, where pretty much nothing is free - Trainspotters being the exception. This week sees Calrissian rise from the ashes of dance-punk group Sorry Socrates, along with punk two piece Yellowcatredcat, Melbourners Singles and the wonderfully named TV Dads.

O Little Sister - Queenstreet Mall, Sunday, July 20

Every so often The Brisbane City Council hosts free live music events around the CBD. This Sunday sees ethereal acoustic songstress O Little Sister play a live set at Redacliffe Place, 12 noon, a nice fit for a lazy Sunday afternoon in the city.

The Scrapes - The Bearded Lady, Sunday, July 20 and July 27

The Bearded Lady is quickly becoming one of Brisbane's best places for free entertainment, with a handful of residency slots occupied by various groups (such as Boss Moxi, mentioned above). The Scrapes are scheduled in for The Bearded Lady's Sunday slot for all of July, each with two sets, which means plenty of chances to check them out. The first set runs from 4 to 4:30pm, whilst the second is from 6:30 to 7pm, with the band promising that every set will be 'entirely different with the odd classic thrown in for good measure'. The Scrapes consists of a dynamic duo, one part feedback drenched guitar and one part scraping violin. The band have a background in classical music, but aspire to transgress the limitations of the genre for something more modern. 

Goo Goo Muck, Slacksmiths - Rics, Sunday, July 27

Rics is infamous amongst Brisbaners as a haven in the Valley you can retreat to whenever you're poor, but you still want to have a drink and catch up with some friends without too much hassle. It is also known for launching the live career of many a Brisbane band. Even though half of these band's 'careers' end and begin at Rics, there are plenty of diamonds in the rough. Sunday's show will hopefully be of the latter variety, with indie pop group Goo Goo Muck sharing the stage with Slacksmiths, an innovative punk rock and dance hybrid who 'write songs first and sell music second', in honour to their punk roots.

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