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Upcoming Gigs You Might Not Know About (June)

On any given weekend in Brisbane there are countless gigs from local and interstate bands happening all over Fortitude Valley, but unfortunately many of these gigs fall under the radar.

Apathy and minimal funds are usually two of the main reasons Brisbaners refrain from venturing out of their muggy Queenslander to check out some local talent. Whilst I can’t help you with minimal funds, I can certainly help sort out this apathy problem, and so I have compiled a list of gigs worth checking out this June, accompanied by Youtube videos and Soundcloud tracks so you don’t even have to google anything. These bands are old, new, local and interstate, and all of them are worth the $10 - $15 entry fee, and the energy required to get off your couch on a Friday or Saturday night.

Eagle and The Worm @ Black Bear Lodge, June 6

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard much from Melbourne’s Eagle and The Worm, with their last EP released in 2012, and so, it’s likely this gig has fallen under the radar for many Brisbaners. Their latest single, Automatic, marks some activity from the band and its release will be supported by a tour that lands in Brisbane on June 6. The song boasts a colourful new aesthetic for the band, merging funk and electronic influences with their staple indie sound. The band will be supported by Brisbane’s own indie pop groups, Fox & Fowl and new kids on the block, Love Signs. Provided Eagle and the Worm haven’t lost any of their members over the past few years, you can expect a high-energy show from the vibrant 8-piece.


Psych-High-Way Feat. Waxhead, Windrest and more @ Beetle Bar, June 7

Psych-High-Way is back for another month, but judging by some of the turnouts for this event, a lot of people probably don’t know much about it. As you can glean from the title, Psych-High-Way is all about psych music in its many different incarnations, which will be nicely represented this month by lush dream pop group Mega Ogre and Byron Bay blues rockers Waxhead. To get you into the right state of mind without the aid of illicit substances, Constanza Rojas will provide some trippy visuals.

Drunk Mums @ Trainspotters, June 7

Drunk Mums make the best kind of traditional Aussie music; down to earth rock n roll with a punk rock attitude. They’ve got a new single out called Plastic that aptly demonstrates just this, which you can check out on Soundcloud or on June 7 when they show it off at Trainspotters. To help them cultivate some dirty rock n roll vibes are The Good Sports, WOD and White Lodge.

Major Leagues and Bloods @ Black Bear Lodge, June 13

This month Brisbane’s indie rock darlings Major Leagues will team up with Sydney’s pop punk brats Bloods for a co-headlining tour. Bloods are celebrating the release of their single Want It, a taste from their forthcoming album. Like most of their tunes, Want It is a short and sweet pop tune with just the right amount of punk bite. Meanwhile, Major Leagues will be touring their first EP Weird Season again, but will also debut some unreleased material for those of you who caught Major Leagues’ last tour.

The Creases @ Black Bear Lodge, June 20

The Creases have been the subject of a lot of hype, but it seems much of the initial excitement for the band has died down, allowing the group to relax and focus on putting out some new music. And so after stepping out of the Aussie spotlight for awhile, touring through the U.K, taking and doing some line-up adjustments, The Creases return with their new single Static Lines, and new management with Liberation and Mushroom Records. The boys will be joined by their friends’ (with benefits) band Babaganouj and up and coming blues rock duo The Furrs. If you haven’t heard of The Creases yet and did not know about this gig until reading it on this list, you should probably seize the chance to see the band for the meagre price of $12 while you still can.


Straight Arrows @ The Brightside, June 20

Straight Arrows have been a very busy band. It’s been three years since they released their debut album, It’s Happening, and the band have been busy globe-hopping, releasing a range of different material on different formats across the world and gracing the stage of the Sydney Opera House. This month they the band will return to debut their new single Rising at Brisbane's The Brightside. It's not quite the Sydney Opera House, but Brisbane's newest music venue seems like a fitting place for the garage rockers.

I Used To Skate Once 10, Various Artist @ The Zoo, June 26

The Zoo have been hosting I Used To Skate Once for ten years now, a visual arts and music collaborative event featuring artwork on the clever canvas of a skateboard, with an accompanying showcase from an eclectic range of bands. This year will see Goon Sax, Statler + Waldorf and Roku Music take residence on the main stage, whilst Brainbeau, Pale Earth, White Palms and foxy/moron will play downstairs in the ‘neon rave experimental room’. Roku Music wrapped up a tour for their new EP just recently, whilst Statler and Waldorf made an appearance on May's list. So if you missed either of those gigs as a result of apathy, minimal funds or because you didn't know about them, this is your second chance to catch some great live music.

The Babe Rainbow @ Black Bear Lodge, June 26

The Babe Rainbow stepped into the Brisbane music scene late 2013 in the wake of sunny sixties garage group The Otchkies. The Babe Rainbow are essentially the same group, sans a few line-up changes, but in terms of aesthetics and sound, this is a band who lives and breaths psychedelic sixties. They toured their first single Love Forever last year and now they return with their latest offering, a similarly mellow pop tune drenched with hallucinogenic imagery, Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Whilst, The Babe Rainbow probably can’t promise you enchanted broccoli at their next gig, they can certainly guarantee a show filled with colour with the help support-act-favourites The Furrs and Jordon Rochfort.

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