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10 Rookie Splendour Mistakes To Avoid


This is not a drill!! There is officially under a month until 30000 mad excited punters descend upon North Byron Parklands for a weekend of hedonism and vomiting. If you’re a Splendour newbie and don’t want to be trampled by the stampede then heed our 10 rookie mistakes.

Take Care Of Dat Chafe

Ladies and Gentlemen, Splendour can be a very long four days for those who don’t think ahead for chafing problems. You’re gonna be walking for multiple hours a day and if the sun’s out that can be an issue. Stock up with bike pants and extra fluffy socks and you’ll be sitting pretty while everyone around you is walking like a cowboy.

Don’t Overbook Yourself

There are a lot of acts at Splendour, we’re talking like a least a dozen acts a day. Any seasoned Splendour punter would tell you that once you’ve picked an act stick with it. Running around all day catching 20 minutes of every set will only leave you with extra foot blisters and incomplete memories.

Prepare For Gods Will

It doesn’t matter if the weatherman has predicted clear skies the Splendour god takes pity on no one so waterproofing is a must. Along the same line, while it might be warm enough for shorty shorts and crop tops in the daytime the mercury plummets in the night time. So bring a jacket and tie it round ya waist (don’t worry, I hear that’s the fashion nowadays).

Don't Be A Band Aid

For those uninitiated the Splendour artist bar is outside the main amphitheatre and some of the middling acts do chill out there but it’s not worth hanging around all day trying to be William Miller. You’re much better off just wandering the festival looking for your favourite artist. Think of artist like rare pokemon, you gotta catch em’ all.

Take It Easy On The Cider

Besides the fact that being overly drunk at a music festival is like stumbling around the most terrifying farmyard ever, that $8 cider you’re chugging has more sugar in it than alcohol and has you guaranteed  to be breaking out by day two. You don’t want to be dealing with pimples on your special weekend.

Stick With Your Buddy

Remember those times that you lost your mum in the supermarket and you convinced yourself that this was it; you were now an orphan. That’s kind of the same feeling you get when you get separated from friends at Splendour. Low phone power + overflowing crowds means that once your buddy’s gone you ain’t finding them until they stumble back to the tent in the wee hours of the morn. You don’t have to rave alone; stick with your buddy.

Take A Chance On The Little Guy

You did not just drop five hundred dollerydoos to drink warm goon in a stuffy tent all weekend. If you only emerge from your tarpaulin fortress to see the headliners, then you are missing out on the best act you’ve never heard of. Get your money’s worth and check out those bands slogging it out in the noon set. Put it this way, the Friday noon slot last year was filled by none other than Tkay Maidza. Don’t be a fool, yo.

Eat Something That Isn’t Deep Fried

There are so many great food stalls around the festival grounds that will transport you to every corner of the globe. If you spend four days scoffing hot chips and dagwood dogs like an over excited kid at the EKKA, then you will become a little too acquainted with the drop toilets that smell a little like cinnamon and a whole lot like human faeces

Take A Water Bottle

This one’s a bit of a no brainer, Splendour days are long days and y’all gotta keep hydrated. Take a bottle small enough to slip in your jean pocket or your bum bag and avoid paying $4 for a new bottle every time you get thirsty.

Don’t Roll Around In The Dirt And/Or Mud

Just don’t. This isn’t fucking Woodstock.

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