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Red Deer Music Festival Survival Guide

Red Deer Festival

As you’re packing your swag for Red Deer this weekend, there’s a couple of things you might not want to forget. Some of these seem common sense, but so you enjoy yourself to the maximum at the first of the festivals kicking off the warmer months, we advise the following:

7. Tickets


You’re probably saying, WTF, right now, but you’d be surprised the amount of punters that forget tickets to shows or festivals. Mt Samson is a fair whack from anything, so don’t be that guy who’s left his ticket at home, make sure they’re tucked somewhere safe, like into your wallet or in the glove box of the car to ensure entry. And if you don’t have tickets yet, get some now quick the Red Deer Festival website.

6. Booze 


Well, not just booze, but back-up booze. You probably want to get drunk, but that’s a given. Make sure you have a surplus of booze stashed in the tent or in your car, so when the festival is all over and done, you have something with which to lure potential mates back to your tent with. Or just to keep the party going. Whatever works. I advise sacks of Fruity Lexia, so when they’re finished, your guests have a pillow.

5. Retractable lanyards






Yes! Retractable lanyards. Attach lighters, keys, phones, anything you possibly can to these wonderful devices so you can make damn sure you don’t lose anything. Imagine waking up at 6:30am Sunday with the sun blaring, your tent already rocking 45 degree heat, and you don’t know how the hell you’re going to get out of dodge. Are they by the campfire where you were rolling around in the dirt, or were they lost by one of the stages where you were moshing to Kingswood? Better safe than sorry.

4. Deodorant (shower in a can)


No one likes showering at festivals. Portable showers are horrific, and unless you’re a prolific camper, chances are you’re not going to have a portable shower. Make sure you bring along a can of deodorant to Gurney yourself down with so when you wake up stinking of good times and regret, you can wash away the smell. And hopefully some of that ominous feeling.

3. H20


Ahhh, lifeblood, sweet water. Have some backup bottles stashed in the car or in the tent, because when 2am rolls around you don’t want to be tromping through the bush trying to find a tap to fill up that empty beer bottle to slake your thirst before hitting the tent. Plus, you’re going to need it come the drive home.

2. Sandwich bags


Get your mind out of the gutter. Whack your phone and any other damageables in one of these bad boys so they don’t get water and sweat-logged when you’re in the middle of the moshpit. It’s going to be hot, so you’ll probably get hosed down; keep this in mind. It might even save your phone from getting covered in your mate’s barf. Plus, being so difficult to get out of your pocket, it might keep you from Instagraming everything and you’ll be forced to watch the band...

1. Sunglasses


Goodness knows a pair of sunnies is going to help you look a lot slicker on the Saturday when you’re cross-eyed from too much booze, but also you’re going to damn well need them when you emerge from the tent on Sunday and the sun is blaring. Any good McDonald’s run on the way back to civilization on the way home requires a set of scum-glasses.

All this being said, these things are only a recommendation, and the list is definitely not comprehensive. It’s more of a bear necessities… There are also some things you can forgo, like a tent, or morals—or any sense of trepidation, because Red Deer is going to kick off your Spring with a bang.

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